If you are ready for an exterior change to your home that invigorates curb appeal and enhances function, vinyl siding may be the perfect fit. Vinyl siding is the go-to option for many homeowners these days. Whether you are looking to add new life or curb appeal to your home or are planning an entirely new build, vinyl siding is an economical and durable siding choice that allows for customization and creativity with design.  At Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions, we want to show you all the benefits of vinyl siding for your Lexington, Kentucky home.

As mentioned, vinyl siding is incredibly economical in comparison to other siding options. Less expensive per square foot and requiring less maintenance and upkeep, vinyl siding is a great option for those looking to cut costs without sacrificing on quality. Maintaining the appearance of vinyl siding is also surprisingly manageable, requiring one easy cleaning every few years or more cleaning if you really want to maintain the appearance for even longer.

In addition, vinyl siding is resistant to paint chipping and color fading, so you won’t have to worry about repainting or refinishing your home. Unlike hardwood siding, which can attract termites and rot, vinyl siding will do no such thing and will last longer with a minimal amount of maintenance each year. If bad weather or debris damages your siding, repairs are typically quick and manageable. For even more cost-efficiency, vinyl siding can also be insulated to reduce your heating and cooling costs in your home and further save you money.

Another benefit of vinyl siding for homes in Lexington, Kentucky, is the customization and design potential that vinyl siding allows. While vinyl siding is probably most notably equated with long, white, horizontal stripes of material on homes, vinyl siding can be so much more. Available in a wide range of colors and styles for you to choose from, vinyl can be versatile and customized to meet all your aesthetic needs of the home. Victorian scallops, cedar shakes, Dutch lap, Board and Batten, and virtually any siding style you love can be achieved with vinyl.

In addition to style, vinyl can also be texturized to mimic the appearance of many different materials without the extra cost or maintenance of actually using them. Say goodbye to the boring siding of the past and completely reimagine your home with a design that fits your personality and design ideas.

If you are ready to upgrade the appearance of your home with the addition of new vinyl siding, Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions is here to help you project plan and select the best material and option for your home. Happily serving Lexington, Kentucky and all the surrounding areas, the design experts at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions can help you choose the perfect vinyl siding for your home. For more information about vinyl siding or to get started on a home improvement plan, stop by our showroom, request an in-home consultation, or contact Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions today!