When it comes to a home’s exterior style, don’t underestimate the role that your landscaping and greenery play in creating that look. Homeowners interested in projects that can have a significant impact on their home’s curb appeal should consider window boxes. Window box planters are easy to use and can be a powerful tool for bringing color to home design and elevating curb appeal. The experts at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions put together a list for Lexington area homeowners with the benefits they can expect from window boxes, plus four of the latest styles of window gardens suitable for Kentucky homes.

4 Benefits of Window Boxes

  1. Elevate curb appeal: Improving your home’s exterior aesthetic will add perceived value to your home by improving curb appeal. Window boxes are an easy and cost-effective landscaping tool used in multiple areas around a house and are suitable for various garden types.
  2. Great for homes with limited yard space: Just because your yard isn’t physically large doesn’t mean its aesthetic impact can’t be powerful. Window boxes allow those with limited exterior space to enjoy the beauty and bounty of home gardening.
  3. Enjoy from the inside or outside: Unlike some aspects of landscaping that aren’t visible from the inside of your home, window gardens liven up both exterior aesthetics and the interior view because they are visible from inside and outside the home. Window boxes create lush frames for your home’s windows, adding character, depth, and color to the home’s overall aesthetic.
  4. An inexpensive way to add color: Flowers are a great way to add pops of seasonal color to your home and are much more affordable expressions of color than alternatives like painting. Plus, with our lush Kentucky climate, we’re blessed with numerous flowering plants whose blooms light up the landscaping and window box planters alike.

4 Window Garden Ideas for Lexington Homes

  1. Edible Gardens: Great for outside kitchen windows, an edible garden gives homeowners both the beauty of rich greenery around their home and the deliciousness of home-grown herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Consider growing chilies or herbs like thyme, rosemary, sage, mint, parsley, or basil in your edible window garden.
  2. Pollinator Gardens: Help the local populations of bees, butterflies, beetles, and birds by using flowers local to the Lexington area in your window garden, and feel good that your window box planters are helping to support the pollinators in your area.
  3. Succulents: For a modern twist on traditional window boxes, explore the wide world of succulents. Aloe vera, burro’s tail, crown of thorns, and Christmas cactus are just a few of the many different types of succulents that can work in a window shelf garden.
  4. Colorful Blooms: Add pops of eye-catching color to your window box planters with geraniums, petunias, dahlia, or marigolds that grow (and bloom) spectacularly in the Kentucky climate.

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And, of course, it goes without saying that a window garden is only as good as the window it hangs under, so make sure your home’s windows are in good condition to protect the efficiency and comfort of your home and afford you that beautiful view of your new window box planters.

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