Choosing your new front door is a big step, with many things to be considered. It can seem daunting, especially to those unfamiliar with the business. Rather than simply show you doors and have you immediately pick the one you like, we want to help our customers understand how to decide what is best for their home. We at Gilkey Windows and Exterior Solutions want the best for our customers, and look forward to helping you create the ideal entrance to your home.

1. New Door Appearance

We can’t understate the importance of this: Your front door is the focal point of your household. People use this door to enter your home, and it is generally the first impression they receive. Many modern home styles feature the front entrance as its central focal point, and it is often where the eye travels when looking at a home.

It is a reminder that your front door is an extension of your home, so you should choose a door you love. There is an incredible variety out there. We have stately, quiet, traditional, contemporary, and everything in between. The important part is that it matches your house and what you envision for your home, from solid natural wood to colorful or metallic finishes.

2. Size

Something that is often unconsidered when choosing a new door is the size in relation to the house. Where the doorframe itself often limits us, it still doesn’t hurt to think about the specifications of your door.

Is your door big enough to fit furniture through, or will you be moving in/out through a side door? Tall doors are impressive but are more challenging to maintain and clean; is that something you’re ready to tackle? Considering all the options is an important step when choosing a new door.

3. Materials

Materials for doors are nearly as varied as the doors themselves. We’re lucky to sell doors manufactured by industry leaders like Gilkey, ProVia®, and Infinity by Marvin. Our doors (and many like ours) come in three materials.


Steel doors offer the most strength and durability and are easily maintained. Our customers like them because they retain their strength while providing many options for customization. Decorative designs, inserts, all are possible with steel doors.


Fiberglass doors are known to mimic anything from steel to wood. These doors are excellent in adverse climates, boasting prowess against the harsh sun and bitter cold.

Glass Inserts

Glass is the most energy-efficient of the bunch. These are typically paired with steel doors to merge both materials’ benefits into one. Glass inserts are impact-resistant and come in many colors to accent your new door.

4. Security

For all the reasons that your front door is vital from point one, it also makes it a focal point for security reasons. Security is a top priority of every homeowner, and we want to make sure that you can trust your new door. When considering your new door, check in on the lock mechanisms available and ensure the materials you chose leave you feeling safe and secure.

5. Climate

It would be wonderful to live in a room-temperature world, but unfortunately, most of us have to deal with weather of some type. You want to ensure that your front door can handle both ends of the spectrum, from dry heat to cold or wet weather.  Don’t lose money through your energy bill as the heat or AC slips through your front door! Choose an energy-efficient choice that maintains the equilibrium between the climate outdoors and your home indoors.

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We at Gilkey Windows and Exterior Solutions want what is best for our customers, and that often comes in the form of knowledge when choosing new doors. For more information about how we can help you achieve your goals, feel free to contact us. We’re based in Lexington, KY, and serve the central KY area. See us for all your window, door, siding, and gutter needs.