Some of the most popular trends for windows this year include bold expressions of style like black window frames, curved window edges, and expansive window sizes; but for many, the question remains, how to best incorporate these trends in home window glass into existing décor? The answer is simple; start by understanding which interior design styles work best with which window trends so that you can strategically style your home window glass so that it can both be in harmony with the space and an aesthetic enhancement to space.

Black Window Frames

Black window frames are bold yet neutral, alluring but not overwhelming creating an aesthetic that works with many styles of interior design. Homes decorated in the simple elegance of monochromatic or minimalistic design will appreciate the way black frames on your home window glass can deliver a striking design element with minimal fuss or flair. Black window frames also work in modern industrial designs where the black hue and authoritative air compliments both the organic wooden elements and the metal element prominent in this design style. In fact, for most any color plan used in design and décor, some elements of the room will be black. Black provides contrast and grounding for the other colors, and so its use is common (though sometimes minimal) in most color schemes. Black window frames are a fresh, modern way to add black to a color plan that can be used in numerous modern interior design styles.

Curved Windows

Curved home window glass is growing in popularity because of the free-flowing feeling of the curved line design. The mood these windows create works well in Bohemian or eclectic styles of interior design where style flows through your space. Curved windows are also ideal for incorporating more natural light in the home and offer decorative options when daylighting interior spaces. Since lighting is a base element for design, careful consideration of the size, shape, and location of windows and the natural light they permit is a crucial component to consider for all interior design styles.

Large Windows

Bigger, broader windows not only create engaging visual elements in a room but also lean into modern trends that favor the prominent marriage of indoor and outdoor spaces. The key with extra-large windows is to pair them with the right window treatment so that they can function optimally even in their large size. Sheer shades are a great option for large picture windows because the sheer materials block UV rays to protect against sun damage, impede the view into a home to increase privacy, and at the same time, they also maintain the view out thanks to their innovative weaves. Sheer shades increase the control homeowners have over the light coming in via their sheer and opaque materials, and with that control, they can create a range of lighting effects from bright illumination to soft diffusion. Additionally, sheer shades are designed to work well whether used in a small, medium, large, or extra-large application.

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