Hello springtime and warm weather! Hello days we can spend outside in the beautiful, Kentucky summer. Hello lasting sunshine and lingering evenings we can spend with family and friends. As you get ready for the best parts of spring and then summer, ask yourself if your home’s exterior is ready to say hello back in the manner you want representing your family. If there are elements that need updating, now is a great time to jump on the project with the weather warm enough for work and time still on your side to get your home ready before summer is gone. For exterior home upgrades, considering how upgrades will return your investment is an excellent route to follow. To walk that line, opt for exterior home upgrades that have both functional and aesthetic benefits like upgrades or updates to gutters, landscaping, windows, and the front entryway.

New Gutters

When it comes to exterior home upgrades, new gutters have both functional and aesthetic benefits. Gutters will protect landscaping from being flooded so plants don’t get drowned out and the overall landscaping will look healthier and more attractive. Preventing the pooling water that faulty gutters can cause also protects your home’s foundation. Lastly, gutters will protect exterior home features, like siding, from both staining and water damage caused by leaking gutters. This helps your home’s exterior to look better and last longer.

New Landscaping

With summer officially underway, it’s a great time to update landscaping. New landscaping is one of the most eye-catching exterior home upgrades and a key element in the curb appeal of your home. In addition to striking visual elements, new landscaping can also have functional purposes such as adding shade, increasing privacy, conserving water, and creating pollinator friendly zones.

New Windows

The conduit between the interior and the exterior of your home, windows are themselves an opportunity for home improvements. New windows can escalate the overall energy efficiency of a house by blocking unwanted energy transfer in both directions. New windows also have monetary benefits helping to improve the resale value of a home, which makes them a worthwhile upgrade for many homeowners.

New Front Door

Make a statement with your front door, be that a stylist statement of your household’s aesthetic preferences or statement in safety and protection for your home and family. Either way, a new front door is an excellent option for exterior home upgrades. We offer:

  • ProVia Entry Doors: Energy-efficient, foam-filled steel or fiberglass front doors to complement your existing home exterior and add dynamic entryway style for your home. The ProVia suite of products includes entry doors, storm doors, patio doors, door glass, hardware and accessories, and impact shield products.


Talk with the team at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions about exterior home upgrades if you’re ready to invest in for your home. Request a consultation to discuss your options for new windows, gutters, or doors. The Gilkey team is here to help you create and elevate your home inside and out. Gilkey Window & Exterior Solutions is located near Lexington, Kentucky. It serves the community of Lexington, Kentucky, and residents throughout central Kentucky.