In the average American household, windows occupy around 15% of the total wall space. That represents a significant percentage of a home’s energy efficiency as windows can be unwitting conduits for unwanted energy loss/gain. So, if you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency, elevate the aesthetics both inside and out, and increase your personal comfort level, look to the many benefits of getting new windows. Trust our Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions team to guide you through the process with three easy-to-follow tips for homeowners shopping for window replacements near Lexington, Kentucky.

3 Tips for Finding the Best Window Replacement

Tip 1 – Invest in Energy-efficient Windows

Up to 30% of unwanted energy exchange happens through windows, making them a liability for your home’s overall energy efficiency. Older windows in the house, especially single-pane windows, can be particularly wasteful. After all, if your air conditioning is escaping out the window while heat is intruding in, not only will your home environment be uncomfortable, but your home will also have to consume more energy to keep you feeling comfortable.

Investing in energy-efficient windows can help homeowners take control of their home environment. With better insulation built right into the design of the window, the unwanted energy loss can be minimized. This equates to better efficiency year-round without consuming additional energy, meaning that you will be more comfortable while spending less money on energy.

Tip 2 – Don’t Undervalue Professional Installation

When shopping for window replacements near Lexington, Kentucky, prioritize quality both in the window itself and the team of installers putting in your new windows. Poor quality windows won’t protect or insulate, while poorly installed windows won’t function properly, won’t last, and with fit issues, homeowners can experience a decrease in energy efficiency and comfort compared to before they got their windows replaced. So be sure the team you choose to install your new energy-efficient windows is qualified and competent for new windows that look great and last. Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions has an experienced team that you can rely on to install your new windows properly.

Tip 3- Work with a Local, Lexington Company

There is no shortage of places to shop for window replacements near Lexington, Kentucky, so how do you know where to buy from? Working with a locally owned and operated company like Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions ensures you’re not just a number at the big box store. Instead, local companies give Lexington residents a welcoming and stress-free environment to shop in and stand behind their products and in their community for ongoing service and support. For both design help and a customer-first experience, invest in working with a local Lexington window company. 

Window Replacement near Lexington, Kentucky

Let Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions help you with your next window replacement near Lexington, Kentucky. With a team of expert installers and the latest in energy-efficient windows, we help area residents elevate their home experience. Request a consultation to learn more, or visit our showroom location near Lexington, Kentucky. Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions serves those in the greater Lexington area.