Front doors do much more for your home than just serving as a simple door. They are the primary entrance point connecting the interior of our home with the greater exterior world. They provide security to protect the house whether you are home or away. And as a critical part of internal and external aesthetics, they often have significant sway over a guest’s first impression when visiting our home. And when it comes to modern front door styles, the options are as varied as the homeowners themselves, with styles ranging from craftsmen-style front doors to full glass exterior doors. Work through your options and find your new favorite front door with these four easy-to-follow steps from Gilkey’s Windows & Exterior Solutions team.

How to Choose a Front Door Style for Your Lexington House

STEP 1: Determine Purpose

Doors provide entry into your home and hold an essential place in setting the mood as guests enter the home and as a primary security feature. Start your hunt for a new front door with a clear understanding of the kind of door your home needs (such as choosing between a steel front door or a full glass exterior door); then, after the primary purpose is fulfilled, think about the look and aesthetics of a door.

STEP 2: Consider the Style of Your Home

Of course, the architectural style of your home will be a major determining factor when choosing a front door style. For example, craftsman-style front doors will fit well on craftsman-style homes but may not fit too well adorning the front of a hyper-modern home.

However, there is still some flexibility that you can play with. With modern style adaptations, we also see craftsmen-style front doors on bungalows and cottage-style homes or any exterior that showcases a handcrafted aesthetic with striking glass features. So, when considering the style of your home, it’s worth looking at both traditional and modern options that might work as a front door style.

STEP 3: Explore Window and Glass Features

There’s more to front door styles than just the door itself. The front door is the centerpiece of a front entryway, with all the architectural features and design choices made in the space to affect its overall feel and look. But there are even more elements that you can take advantage of to further accent this. Windows like sidelights and transom windows can add an open and inviting feel to entryways, as well as bring with them the additional bonus of bringing more natural sunlight inside the home.

STEP 4: Finish the Look with Hardware

Last but not least, let’s spend some time looking at the hardware for different front door styles. The knob or handle, hinges, knockers, locks, and any additional embellishments will add the finishing touch to an entryway and can significantly affect the final aesthetics. After all, shiny brass feels much different than wrought iron on a front door. And remember, when it comes to home aesthetics, details matter as much as the big things when it comes to contributing to a successful and finished look.

Where to Buy Front Doors near Lexington, Kentucky

Find the latest selection of ProVia Entry Doors at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions, located near Lexington, Kentucky. Request a consultation to discuss front door styles, from craftsmen-style front doors to full glass exterior doors to suit your Kentucky home. Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions proudly serves homes and businesses across central Kentucky, and we can’t wait to help you with your next project!