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How to Winterize Your Windows and Doors in Lexington, KY

Since the last few winters in Lexington brought cold air and large amounts of snow, it is more important than ever to winterize your home in Lexington, KY and the surrounding areas. Winterizing your home sounds difficult, but it can be achieved with a few simple steps. Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions serves Lexington and the surrounding cities with the expertise to winterize your home. Our team can assist you with winterizing your home by following the tips described here:
  • Clean around the windows and doors – Excess dirt and debris built up in outdoor sills prevent windows and doors from sealing tightly. When the seal is not tight, air can come in through the cracks. An easy way to winterize your windows and doors is by cleaning any dirt and debris for a tight seal.
  • Apply weather stripping – By applying weather stripping around windows and doors, you can prevent cold air from entering your home in the winter. When applying weather stripping, make sure to cover all edges of the windowsills and doorsills.
  • Apply caulk or sealant – Any small cracks and holes around your windows and doors can allow cold air into your home. Locating these cracks and sealing them with caulk or sealant can prevent this cold air from entering.
  • Add seasonal window coverings – Hanging dark, heavy window coverings are an easy way to prevent cold air drafts from entering your home during the winter. Just make sure the window treatments can be opened on sunny days to allow the warm sunlight to enter the home.
  • Repair damaged exterior surfaces – It is important to winterize both the interior and exterior windows and doors. Any cracked or damaged wood should be repaired or replaced to prevent cold air from entering into your home.
  • Replace old windows and doors – A very effective way to winterize your home is by replacing your old windows and doors with more energy-efficient options. Old windows or windows with single panes allow more drafts than double or triple pane glass windows. If you replace old windows and doors, you can reduce the amount of drafts.
  • * Install storm doors – Similar to replacing old doors, installing storm doors can also help winterize your home. Storm doors add an extra layer of protection against harsh winter air and also prevent moisture leakage.
Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions offers many different options to aid in the winterizing of your windows and doors. We offer new or replacement windows with double or triple pane glass to increase energy-efficiency in the winter. We also offer energy-efficient doors and storm doors to help reduce drafts that may enter your home. Contact our team of qualified experts to see how we can help you winterize your home with replacement windows and replacement doors in Lexington and the surrounding cities.
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