Preparation is key in many situations. From education to work to our home lives, we tend to have better success when we are prepared. In school, preparation means coming to class with the materials you need, completing assignments so you’re ready for the next one and studying for tests when you have one coming. At work, the preparations are similar. If you have a meeting or presentation, you prepare notes or topics ahead of time to stay on track. If you work in a machining or labor environment, you come prepared with any tools you need and the proper attire. Once we’ve filled our days with this effort, we sometimes let preparation in our home lives slip. However, the more prepared you are the better you are set for success. When we are preparing in our personal lives, some of the main things we focus on are budgeting and maintenance for our homes and vehicles. As we move into winter, now is a great time to prepare your home for the changing seasons with services from Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions.


When you are preparing your home for winter, one of the biggest things you will want to consider is if your home is as efficient as possible when it comes to handling the cold. This will mean inspecting your home to check for any drafts or leaks. With increased moisture posing a potential threat, you’ll also want to check the exterior of your home. While damaged exterior walls might not seem to introduce too many drafts, they allow moisture to come into your home as snow falls and melts, which could lead to mold infestations and rot.


First, if your home has vinyl siding, you’ll want to check for signs of damage that may have occurred over the last several months. Vinyl siding itself is not watertight; rather it is installed over a water-resistant barrier, and the siding helps keep water away from that barrier. However, hail from summer storms, impacts from baseballs and other sports equipment and flying rocks from lawnmowers and trimmers can cause damage that compromises your sidings’ ability to protect your home. If you find that your siding has wear, Gilkey can help you replace it with our durable vinyl siding made with our Super Polymer Formulation.


Next, you’ll want to inspect your doors and windows. Major air leaks can be identified by feel and some gaps might be noticeably visible. Certain leaks, such as those resulting from a shorter door, can be fixed with consumer products that are designed to be attached to your existing door to block airflow. However, this can affect the appearance of your home. If there is airflow around your door due to an improper fit, you might want to replace it. Similarly, if your window and frame have significant leaks, you should consider a replacement. With an in-home consultation, our staff at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions walk with you through your design visions and functionality needs. Not only can our new products help eliminate existing leaks, but we offer a wide range of solutions that add increased energy-efficiency.


Preparing your home for winter can prevent spending outrageous amounts on your energy bill over time. If you’re ready to plan your project, Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions can work with you to create the right home improvement plan. Located in Lexington, we proudly serve Central Kentucky. Contact us today to get started.