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If you are a new homeowner or unaccustomed to caring for your home by yourself, you may wonder if gutters are essential. Not only are they essential, but they also have more of an impact than you may think. A quality gutter system protects your foundation, basement, lawn, and landscaping from water damage by directing water off your roof and away from your home. If your home has gutters that have seen better days, call our team at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions for help with your gutters in Central Kentucky. Average gutter systems, even newly installed ones, still require regular inspection and cleaning to ensure they don’t clog and overflow. This involves a trip up a ladder (which is always risky) to manually inspect them and remove debris. The general rule of thumb is to clean your gutters in the winter and spring and inspect them after a heavy storm for damage.

Protecting Your Home

Foundation: When rain has nowhere else to go, it simply rolls straight down from your roof. The water will collect around your home’s foundation and eventually seep into the soil. This will lead to what’s known as hydrostatic pressure. The build-up of water underground creates pressure that will eventually lead to cracks and dents on your foundation walls. Large amounts of standing water can also cause soil erosion that can cause foundation settlement. Gutters help prevent this by directing water away from your home, preventing standing water and erosion.

Basement or Crawl Space: Any space that is below grade is susceptible to water damage, and the risk only increases if your home lacks a suitable gutter system. Window wells around basement windows can flood with rainwater, and this standing water can cause the same hydrostatic pressure that can harm your foundation. Once water is inside your basement or crawl space, it can lead to mold, rotting wood, and other problems if not quickly addressed.

Landscaping and Lawn: You put too much time and money into your landscaping to have it literally washed away by the rain. Excess water can flood areas close to your home, destroying parts of your lawn and any surrounding plants.

Siding and Windows: Water running down the side of your house is never a good thing. Water damage can cause wooden frames to mold and rot, which can cause small cracks that allow even more water to enter. Your siding can become discolored from water runoff and can even begin to rot underneath.

Gutter Maintenance

To keep traditional gutters functioning at optimal capacity, you need a ladder, gloves, safety goggles, and masks. After manually removing any debris from the gutters and your roof, you’ll need to use your garden hose to spray any remaining dirt and leaves from the inside of the gutter. Don’t forget about the downspouts. These are very prone to clogging because of the bends and must be flushed.

Advantages of The Gutter Shutter® Gutters

Traditional gutters need regular cleaning to prevent leaves and other debris from blocking water flow. Unfortunately, having your gutters cleaned can be costly or even dangerous if you do it yourself. Falls from ladders cause thousands of serious injuries every year. Clogged gutters also invite insects and other pests to take up residence in the system, which gives them easier access to the inside of your home. Our gutter system keeps your gutters and downspouts clog-free.

Exterior Solutions Gutter System

Prior to the Exterior Solutions Gutter System, the only remedies available for clogged gutters were screen gutter guards that failed to prevent clogs and could also void your roof warranty. What can you expect with gutter replacement using the Exterior Solutions Gutter System?

  • Gutters that stay clog-free and never pull away from your home for the lifetime of the structure.
  • No more dangerous climbs up ladders to get your gutters cleaned out.
  • An elimination of clogged downspouts that can lead to underground plumbing issues.
  • A beautiful addition to your home that will increase its curb appeal and value with a crown molding look.

The Choice is Yours

If your current gutters are in good working order, you can always continue to clean and inspect them regularly. However, if you’re ready for gutters that essentially care for themselves, contact us online here or give us a call at (859) 285-6664 to chat with one of our professional project planners.

Does your home need more than just new gutters? Installation is fast and easy! You can count on Gilkey for windows, doors, and vinyl siding. We are your local exterior remodeling experts with more than 20 years of industry experience. Our state-of-the-art showroom is in Lexington, KY. We are proud to serve the Greater Lexington, KY area, including all of Central Kentucky.

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