While front doors make the first impression of your home, the patio door often sees the most action. From cookouts and barbeques to just watering flowers or stepping outside, your patio door puts up with a lot of traffic. So, when it’s time for an upgrade or replacement, look to our Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions team to help you shop your options. Before you start shopping, we have five tips below to help you choose your new patio doors. 

5 Tips for Choosing Your Next Patio Door

  1. Start with Spatial Functionality: Every home is unique, and so is the placement of its patio doors. We’ve seen patio doors off the living room, kitchen, great room, bedroom, laundry room, game room, you name it. In each space, certain functional restrictions can necessitate certain styles of doors. For instance, a French door that swings open has spatial needs different from those of a sliding glass door. So, step one is identifying the types of doors best suited to your space.
  2. Talk Openly About Style: Updating your patio door will affect the overall style of the room. A wide variety of patio doors are available, which can mean anything from adding color to the room to increasing natural sunlight for opening effects to creating an eye-catching connection to the outside world. When talking with your design team about options for new patio doors, don’t be scared to share your opinion on style or ask any questions about the options available.
  3. Keep Efficiency in Mind: Doors and windows play a huge part in the overall energy efficiency of a home as they can be undesirable conduits to energy loss. New doors and windows can significantly reduce unwanted energy transfer in your home with better insulation, thus helping reduce energy costs. That’s why if you have a patio door needing replacing, remember it doesn’t always pay to wait, especially as winter and the ever-rising heating costs are fast approaching.
  4. Finish Design with Details: While they might represent only a small portion of the total visual components of a new door, hardware plays a huge role in defining the overall style and finishing the look. Think about how a door with shiny brass hardware would read differently from one with matte black accents. Or consider how the color or material of the hardware can be used to incorporate style with existing elements in your home; for example, if your room’s color scheme includes gold accents, your new patio door hardware can be customized to match.
  5. Invest in Professional Measuring and Installation: Even the highest-quality door won’t look good if installed improperly, not to mention all the functional and efficiency issues that come with a poorly installed door. Ensure that the company you work with for new patio doors offers the highest product quality and that their on-site teams handle measuring and installation.

With a wide array of patio doors on the market, it pays to work with a team of professionals who can guide you through the options to find the best patio door for your Lexington home. And that’s what we’re here for at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions: to help Lexington area residents find and install patio, back, or front doors that meet their needs. Request a consultation today to talk with our team. Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions is located near Lexington, Kentucky, and serves the surrounding areas of central Kentucky.