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Professional Window Cleaning Tips – Gilkey Windows in Lexington, KY

Your home’s windows allow you to enjoy natural lighting and a clear view outside your house. They can also be one of the hardest areas of your home to keep clean. “I Don’t Do Windows!” used to be a joke we often told about the maid who didn’t want to tackle a hard task. We can help you keep your windows clean without all the hassle with these professional window cleaning tips.

Remove the Screens

Don’t attempt to clean your windows without removing the screens first. You should remove screens and clean them separately at least once or twice a year. You can thoroughly clean your screens by soaking them in soapy water and then rinsing them with a hose.

Hose Your Windows Down First

Before attempting to wash your windows, rinse them with plenty of water. This will dislodge some of the debris like spider webs and dirt or dust. You can rinse them with the hose by spraying them. Don’t spray a heavy stream directly at the window but spray at an angle or with a soft spray. This will protect your windows. You can also use a bucket of water to rinse the windows.

Separate Removable Panels

If your windows have panes that can be removed from the frame, go ahead and remove them before you begin the cleaning process. Be careful as you handle the glass panes. Wash them thoroughly with low-suds soapy water or glass cleaner. Too much soap can leave a soap residue or cause a dingy film to appear on your windows when they dry.

Cleaning the Outside of Your Windows

The outsides of your windows are normally the dirtiest and hardest to clean. Avoid using paper towels that will leave behind fibers that attract dirt. Instead apply the soap or detergent with a rag or sponge. Scrub the window to dislodge any remaining dirt. Once your windowpane is clean, you can hose it down to remove the suds. Use a squeegee to remove the water or remaining suds. Squeegees come in many different sizes and have different handle lengths to help with tall or wide windows.

Cleaning the Inside of Your Windows

The inside is easier to clean and often is best cleaned with a rag and window cleaner. You will find paper towels can leave behind lint but in the inside windowpanes, it rarely causes a problem. Avoid over soaping your windows as too much detergent or cleaner will leave a residue. If you have modern windows they will tilt down for easy cleaning.

Professional Window Cleaning Tips

If you have oversized windows or you have a problem cleaning some of your windows, you can ask your window replacement company if they have any suggestions for cleaning these windows. Gilkey Windows and Exterior Solutions will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
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