In Kentucky, we bridge the gap between a temperate and subtropical climate, enjoying four generally mild seasons. But we’re not exempt from storms or extreme weather in the Lexington area, and the key to finding peace inside the home means providing protection to your home with environmental control systems.

Storm windows can be a powerful tool for Lexington homeowners as they protect your residence from the chaos outside and help ensure comfortable home interiors year-round. Let our team at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions help you better understand the many features and benefits of storm windows for Lexington, KY homes.

What are Storm Windows?

Storm windows are a protective feature for many Lexington homes. They are a secondary window that is installed outside the main residential windows already in place, thus creating a peripheral shield around the primary windows’ glass panes. This secondary window provides a range of protective benefits that can easily make the cost of storm windows well worth it if one of those famous Lexington, KY storms roll through.

Benefits of Storm Windows Near Lexington, KY

  • Energy Efficiency: One of the biggest thieves of efficiency is unwanted energy loss. Paying for heating or cooling at home just to see that energy escape out windows and glass doors can be such a mental and emotional drain. Storm windows provide an extra layer of protection and add an additional layer of insulation to create a more protected environment. Less energy loss means your home consumes less energy to maintain that ideal home temperature, and homeowners can thus enjoy both better energy efficiency and lower energy bills.
  • Temperature Control: Lexington, KY storm windows will help block those chilling drafts from invading your home in the winter, and in the summer they can help keep out solar heat. This means that whether you use storm windows in hot or cold weather, they can help you maintain a consistent and comfortable interior temperature.
  • Protection in a Storm: In extreme weather, storm windows can physically protect your home by blocking debris from striking your windows. This extra level of protection is perfect for protecting heirloom stained glass or delicate windows.
  • Noise Reduction: For Lexington homeowners who value peace and quiet at home, storm windows can act as a layer of auditory insulation, helping to keep the noise from the outside world out—where it belongs.
  • Added Security Against Home Intruders: In addition to protection against the weather, storm windows help create a more impenetrable exterior on your home. Storm windows are hard to break, and when properly installed, storm windows make it decidedly more difficult for an intruder to get through than just your standard window alone.
  • Increase a Home’s Value: Because of all the different ways that new storm windows can elevate your Lexington, Kentucky home from better energy efficiency to a quieter home environment, they can add to the actual value of the home. They are an investment that lasts for years and require very little maintenance long-term.

Shop Storm Windows near Lexington, Kentucky

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