There are many ways to tell if your home’s siding needs to be replaced. Ensuring that your home’s exterior is in acceptable shape is important. This guide will help you recognize signs you should replace your home’s siding in Lexington, Kentucky. There are a variety of signs that will indicate whether it needs to be replaced.


If your home is frequently needing to be painted, then there is likely an issue. You shouldn’t have to be repainting your home as often as every five or six years. If your siding were in good shape, your paint would last eight to ten years. Not only will replacing it save you time and money on repainting, but you will also keep your home from experiencing further damage.


If you notice an increase in your home’s heating and cooling bills each month, there may be something wrong with your siding. Of course, your home may have issues with its attic insulation, but if that isn’t the issue, it is likely that there is something going on with your home’s exterior wall insulation which directly translates to your home’s siding needing to be replaced. Basically, if the siding is deteriorating, heating and cooling air could be escaping through the siding.


Sometimes you can easily find any issues just by doing a simple visual inspection. Bring a sharp object that will allow you to peek under any warped pieces to investigate how sound the underlayer is. If your siding has started to rot or warp, that’s a pretty big sign that you need to replace it. You should also examine your home for cracked or loose siding. If large sections show cracking, you may need professional assistance. Water can often get into these cracks and cause even more damage down the road.


Sometimes, you can also check replacement needs from the interior of your home. Peeling paint and wallpaper pulling away from the walls may mean that moisture is seeping in through bad siding. This can be incredibly damaging to your home’s interior and cause very expensive damages down the road.


While there are several other issues that can show that your siding needs to be replaced which you can read more about here, we are here to offer our services to help you figure out if it’s needed. We can examine your home and provide services to replace and repair damage to ensure that your home is in great shape.


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