The pandemic, more than any other factor, has shaped the window trends for 2021 since homeowners prioritize safety and function than design when considering new window treatments. Since many people have been spending more time than ever at home, the trends we see are all about redesigning the home’s interior to better suit our new home-based reality. For designers, this means using windows to increase comfort, safety, usability, and visual appeal so that your home feels like a sanctuary. Read on to discover the hottest window trends for 2021.

Bigger Windows

It’s no surprise with the amount of time people are now spending at home that one of the hottest window trends for 2021 is bigger windows. Increasing your window size can make your home’s interior feel larger, as the eye is naturally drawn outside. Bigger windows also let in more natural light, which can help the space feel more open and more inviting. And with the quality and technological advancements of new energy efficient windows, homeowners don’t have to worry that bigger windows will also mean bigger heating/cooling bills.

Increased Ventilation

Unique to this year, we see a growing priority placed on improving air quality for safety when homeowners are considering replacing their windows, and so ventilation is a functional window trend for 2021. Improving ventilation can include upgrading to new windows that are easier to use or even installing new windows or fanlights throughout the home in places that naturally create a cross breeze. Utilizing professional window design can help bring fresh air into the home and improve air quality, circulation, and ventilation.

Indoor-Outdoor Accessibility

All windows help unite the outdoors with the indoors, as they let in natural light and provide a visual portal to the outside world. However, some windows like pass-thru windows, can take that connection one step further. This is why indoor-outdoor accessibility lands on our list of one of the hottest window trends for 2021.

Curved Widows

Curved lines have become more popular in recent times as homeowners veer away from the strictness of straight lines. Instead, they opt to bring designs into their homes that have more of a sense of freedom. This is true too in window design where we see curved accent windows, like lunette windows, as one of the hottestwindow trends for 2021. Curved windows are an architectural detail that can dynamically open up an interior by acting as a striking design element that lets more natural light into the space.

Black Window Frames

We’ve seen black become a more popular neutral tone in recent years as interior designers have harnessed its bold, modern aesthetic in contemporary home design. The dark tone has also been gaining popularity in the window world and black window frames are definitely one of the hottest window trends for 2021. The contrasting nature of black window frames naturally draws focus helping the room feel more expansive and open. And, because of their dynamic aesthetic, black windows don’t need a window covering to feel polished. This makes them great for large picture windows, bay windows, or even smaller windows that harbor a great view.


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