Siding, also called wall cladding in the industry, is an outer layer of material that’s installed on the exterior of a building. Many styles and types of siding are often made of wood or vinyl. The purpose of siding is primarily to protect the structure, but it also has aesthetic implications on the exterior looks of a home and even offers several cost-saving benefits for homeowners. Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions wants to help Lexington homeowners understand the function and benefits of siding as well as what different kinds are available for their homes. A Vinyl 101, we are here to lay out the basics of vinyl siding.

5 Benefits of Vinyl Siding

  1. Protection:  Vinyl siding creates a protective outer casing around a home, safeguarding it against bad weather, sun damage, pests/bugs, and other intrusive elements.
  2. Insulation:  Siding adds a layer of insulation around a home, helping Lexington homeowners save money year-round by assisting in the effort to keep heating and cooling costs down.
  3. Elevate Curb Appeal: With a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes, vinyl siding can create a sophisticated look in many aesthetic styles.
  4. Low Maintenance: Vinyl siding requires only semi-annual rinsing or washing with a mild cleanser as yearly maintenance. Unlike wood siding, vinyl siding won’t fall prey to termite damage or rotting.
  5. Cost-friendly: Vinyl siding is a cost-friendly option for Kentucky homeowners looking to elevate the looks of their home and protect its interior.

Popular Styles of Siding

  • Board & Batten Siding: A style of siding with battens (thin wooden strips) covering the vertical seams between the siding panels, giving the style depth and texture.
  • Dutch Lap Siding: You can pick out Dutch Lap siding by its distinctive profile with a curved top edge that creates a horizontal shadow line that runs along the length of each panel.
  • Shingle & Shakes Siding: This style of siding uses wooden shingles or shake (traditionally cedar, though nowadays this style can be made from other man-made materials) installed to mimic the look of cedar roofing shingles extended down to cover exterior walls.
  • Clapboard Siding: Overlapping beveled boards are used in clapboard siding to create a look that appears stacked and has a relatively smooth finish, thanks to its beveled design.
  • Scalloped Siding: Also referred to as half-round siding, scalloped siding has a gracefully curved edge famous for decorative detailing on a home and accent sections when used with other styles.

Special Considerations for Vinyl Siding near Lexington, Kentucky

  • Kentucky Climate: In Lexington, the climate can pose unique challenges for siding. From high humidity in the summer to freezing temperatures in the winter to spring storms that can whip the city with wind, hail, and rain. Vinyl siding is engineered with heightened durability to withstand moisture and inclement weather.
  • Using a Trusted Installer: Getting new siding is an investment in your home, and as such, you must be investing in quality work. Homeowners have been trusting Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions for 20 years for vinyl siding near Lexington, Kentucky, and we were voted Neighborhood Favorite by Nextdoor in 2021 and 2023.

Buying Vinyl Siding near Lexington, Kentucky

Do you have any additional questions about vinyl siding or want to discuss getting new vinyl siding for your Lexington home? Request a consultation with our team at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions. We’re happy to answer any questions you have, from basic vinyl siding 101 to discussing style options like scalloped siding, so reach out to us today. Located near Lexington, Kentucky, Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions serves the greater Lexington area.