Winter can have a commanding presence on houses. The frigid temperatures and snow can cause quite the effect on the interior of your residence. Here are some things you can do to weatherproof homes for winter in Lexington, KY.

Patch Holes

The first thing you will need to do is thoroughly inspect your home. Make sure there are no holes in the attic. Any small holes can be patched up with caulking. If left untreated, serious damage can occur. Also in the attic, you need to check the insulation too. If the top of the joists are visible this is a problem. To fix the issue, add a new layer of insulation perpendicular to the old one.

Inspect Windows & Doors

However, one of the most important things you can do to weatherproof homes for winter in Lexington, KY involves checking the condition of your windows and doors. If they are not properly sealed, cold air can enter your home and affect the temperature. You can end up spending more on your energy bills in order to offset the effects of drafty windows and doors.

Any gaps around the perimeter that are larger than 1/8 inch can cause your heating bills to increase by 15% in the winter. You should seal the openings as soon as possible. On the windows, you can also stick closed-cell foam with an adhesive-back onto the bottom of the sash. Loose sashes can also be secured by applying a layer of plastic V-channel weather stripping into the groove that the sash slides in, and then use nails to keep it in place.  Foam strips can also be placed along the sides and tops of doors. Installing a door sweep at the bottom of your doors will improve the weatherproofing of your home, too.

Replace Windows & Doors

However, in some cases it is not as simple to correct issues with doors and windows. Purchasing new ones may be the better option. Replacement windows can offer improved energy savings as they utilize advanced technology. You can save up to 1/3 of your utility bill just by getting rid of your older windows. By investing in new windows, you will not have to worry about the freezing winter air affecting your home.

Replacing your exterior doors is another one of the things you can do to weatherproof homes for winter in Lexington, KY. New ones are crafted out of materials that offer enhanced energy-efficiency. Steel offers the most durability, and can withstand the elements. Fiberglass is another option that is impervious to the effects of harsh sunlight and extreme temperatures. The last option is glass inserts. These provide high energy-efficiency to ensure your home is not affected by any season.

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