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When Should I Replace My Windows? – Gilkey Windows in Lexington, KY

If you are asking this question, you probably already are experiencing some problems with your windows. This could be in the form of decay and rot around the frame, jammed sashes or broken parts. If your windows are older than 15 years, it probably is a good idea to have them replaced. If you are wondering if it’s time to replace your windows, here are a few things to consider:

High Energy Bills

If you notice extra high-energy bills during the winter or summer, new window replacements may help. Older windows were not built to be energy efficient like today’s replacement windows. According to the Department of Energy, professionally installed replacement windows will lower your heating and cooling bill and provide better natural lighting. ( http://energy.gov/energysaver/energy-efficient-windows ) Single pain windows were commonly used in older homes and are not energy efficient. They are often cool to the touch and can form ice on the windows that lead to windows breaking.

Water Damage

If you notice signs that water has penetrated around the frame of your windows, now may be a good time to replace your windows. Insulated windows that form condensation between the glass layers or a white film often need to be replaced to fix the problem.

Drafty Windows

If you notice drafty windows or air coming into the home, you probably need to replace your windows. Wood windows can warp and become too tight or leave gaps that allow drafts to enter. Weather stripping and caulking the windows can provide temporary help but these sealants expand and contract leading to gaps returning. Drafty windows cause your heating and cooling systems to run constantly and increase your utilities.

Damaged Windows

Windows that don’t open properly can cause a variety of problems. If everyone in your home cannot open your windows easily, this could be a problem during a fire. If your windows don’t close properly or lock, this could be an open invitation to a home invasion. Windows that don’t open and close may have a broken balance that cannot be repaired.

Lead Paint

If your home was built before 1960 you may have a problem with lead paint around your windows. Opening and closing these windows can result in lead dust being released. This can be poisonous to small children. An experienced installer should replace single pain windows of this type.

You’re Tired of Your Old Windows

If you’re tired of the way your windows look and want a more modern appearance, replacement windows will look better and still match the architecture of your home. Old wooden frames that need to be peeled and painted can be replaced with maintenance free window frames. You can eliminate the need for storm windows and replace your windows with easy to clean replacement windows that tilt in for easy cleaning. Modern window replacements are more convenient and look great.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Your new replacement windows are designed to be energy efficient, look amazing and be easy to care for. Here are a few of the benefits of new replacement windows:

  • Appearance and curb appeal
  •  No drafts or air leaks
  • Noise reduction
  •  UV protection
  • Eliminate the hassle of storm windows
  •  Easier to clean
  •  Easier to use

When Should I Replace My windows?

If you notice any of the common window problems mentioned above, you should consider replacing your windows. Window replacement can save you money and pay for themselves over time. You will love your new windows because they operate better, are easier to clean and provide a nicer look for your home. If you have questions about when to replace your windows or you would like to see our window replacement options, call Gilkey Replacement Windows and Exterior Solutions today. We would love to help you.
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