When it comes to getting new windows, where you buy from is as important as the type of window you are buying. That’s because the business from which you make your purchase will affect your buying experience, the quality of installation, and your long-term satisfaction with the product. So, it is important that you know what makes the difference between Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions and your average retailer when shopping around for where to buy new windows for your home.

What to Look for in a New Window Retailer

1. In-Home Consultation

The first thing you will want to make note of when considering where to buy new windows is if the dealer offers in-home consultations as part of their design process. For someone to truly understand the functional needs of a space and appreciate the unique style of your home décor, they need to be in the space. So, while initial consultations may happen online or over the phone, at some point you’ll want to make sure your design team spends time in your actual home. This ensures the team of window treatment experts that you are working with is fully invested in getting you the best windows for your unique home as shown through their professional dedication to listening to your needs and tailoring product for your individual requirements.

When we come to your home, we go over our selection of products, establish a plan, and allow our experienced team to take measurements to ensure precision. We complete the project planning process by providing you with a no-obligation quote that provides a detailed, estimated cost for your project.

2. Professional Installation

In addition to selling you the best style of window treatment for your home, you will want a place that offers professional installation when looking for where to buy new windows. Gilkey has the best options for installation in the replacement window industry. All of our windows are installed by Gilkey factory trained professionals. We never use third party installers. Proper fit is key for energy efficiency because any gaps or opening around the window frame will let in a draft, and, if skewed even slightly, window panes can block access and your windows won’t open correctly. Additionally professional grade installation gives those new windows that polished finished look.

3. Quality Products

When shopping around for where to buy new windows, look at the inventory that each dealer carries. Look for high-quality, high-value residential windows that have good reviews and features applicable to your household or regional needs. We carry Infinity by Marvin Fiberglass Windows, for example – a top choice for energy efficient fiberglass windows.

4. Locally Owned Window Dealers

When the owners and operators of a window dealership are local, that means they are invested in their neighborhood because they are a part of it. Expect more sincere service from local dealers who take a genuine interest in their consumer and community. With over 20 years of professional experience, our team is rooted in central Kentucky and we want to provide the best to our friends and neighbors.

5. Positive Customer Reviews

Take time to read online reviews before making a final decision on where to buy new windows. Make sure there aren’t reoccurring complaints against the workers, company, or product and that the business is in good standing with its community, past clientele, and the Better Business Bureau.

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When shopping for where to buy new windows in central Kentucky, trust the professionals at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions. With a selection of top-of-the-line windows by Gilkey and Marvin, homeowners can find replacement shades and a professional team of design experts. Request a consultation today! Located near Lexington, Kentucky, Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions serves residents in the greater Lexington area.