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Why Are My Windows Fogging? - Gilkey Windows in Lexington, KY

  • By Michel Bayard
  • 09 Jun, 2015
We often get calls from customers wanting to know “Why is my windows fogging?” Many times people think the windows are to blame for the excess condensation. This is simply not true. The extra water at your windows is because of the high humidity in the home. The cool glass is where it lands and is visible. Here are a few things you should know about why there is condensation at your windows.

How Much Condensation Is Too Much?

If your windows fog up in the corner from time to time, that is usually not a problem. If on the other hand your entire window fogs up or you see pools of water in the windowsill, you have a problem that needs addressed. Homes today are built better and “tighter” than homes 20 years ago. We also have better appliances and more energy efficient heaters and appliances and more energy efficient windows that allow more moisture to remain in the home. Homes are built tighter with less cracks and outside air seeping in. This is good for your utility bill but causes the moisture to remain in your home. 

Where Does the Moisture Come From?

Moisture in your home comes from a variety of places. Each person in your home generates some moisture. Moisture also comes from showers, appliances, laundry and dishwashing. A family of four can generate close to 20 gallons of water each month. This water vapor or humidity is invisible in the air.

When Is Condensation Normal?

You can expect condensation after new construction. New homes are open to the elements for some time and have excess moisture. Usually this condensation disappears after one winter season that the heater is used. There will be condensation at your windows when the temperature changes drastically at once. Also during the summer months, your home will accumulate moisture. This built up humidity will show up at the beginning of winter.  

Is Window Condensation a Problem?

Besides causing water around your windows, you may find the wood around your windows is getting water damage. Water damage can also occur in the drywall and flooring. High humidity will move toward cool dry air. This movement exists and causes the water to pass through wood, plaster and cement; the basic building materials in your home. Cool dry air in the winter pulls the moisture into the building materials and walls in your home. Excessive condensation at the windows is a sign that excess moisture may be damaging areas of your home you aren’t aware of yet. It can go through siding and blister paint. It can also seep into the attic where it may cause water damage in your ceilings. If you notice excess moisture it’s important to take action. Many of the building materials in your home have moisture-blocking materials like varnishes, tile, paint and plastic coverings to protect your home. The problem is this causes your home to retain the moisture and humidity even more.

How Can I Get Rid of Moisture?

If you’re wondering “Why is my windows fogging?” it may be time to take action and keep the humidity down to a minimum. You can help by reducing the moisture and allowing it to escape your home. Here are a few steps you can take:
  1. Open the windows in your home a few minutes each day, especially after running the dishwasher, taking a long shower or doing laundry.
  2. Run ventilation fans in the kitchen and bathroom longer.
  3. Keep your fireplace damper open
  4. Run your heater
  5. Remove or turn off humidifiers
  6. Vent gas burners and clothes dryers
When humidity is a severe problem in your home you can call an electrician or your heating and air company to install ventilation fans, vents for your gas burners, heaters and appliances. 

Foggy Windows in Lexington Homes

If you notice your windows fogging, you can install storm windows with double or triple glazing. Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions can help you determine the best windows for your home. If you have recently replaced your window you may notice new condensation. This is common because older windows are drafty and allow air to enter the home and moisture to escape. New windows fix the draft problem but no longer allow the air and moisture to escape. You can open your windows during the winter a few minutes and run your heater to get rid of the excess moisture. If you have questions about “why are my window fogging?” Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions in Lexington, KY can help.   

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By Elizabeth Burton 10 Nov, 2017
When you live in a location that has four seasons, it is ideal to have clothes and the proper seasonal items to help you adapt. Let’s talk about a design for your home that will keep your family warm and cozy for the upcoming winter season. The simple design addition of insulated glass for your windows plays a big part in doing just that. Gilkey Windows and Exterior Solutions wants to keep you and your family warm during low temperatures outside and cool when it gets hot beyond measure outside. We have been in business for over 30 years, and we value our customers! We are located in the Bluegrass state and are specifically located in Lexington, KY, but we also proudly serve the surrounding areas.

Savings in disguise

Yes! You can unknowingly save money if you choose the correct type of glass for your windows. You may have not known that a good option is choosing insulating glass for your home’s windows. When windows are insulated they make your whole home more energy efficient. They prevent heat loss and keep the cold air in when the season calls for it. We are talking about saving money on heating your home, big or small, by insulating windows! That is why we want to make sure all of our customers know the benefits of this great innovation. In addition to being energy efficient, insulated window glass has the ability to reduce the noisy outside world. So now maybe you can sleep in on weekends without being bothered by chirping birds and enjoy your evening meal without the distraction of traffic sounds. Here at Gilkey Windows, we have highly trained professionals that are ready to make your home beautiful both inside and out. Installation will only take about 30 - 45 minutes so you can continue the rest of your day and appreciate your new insulated windows to the fullest. When you have chosen to purchase insulated glass windows from Gilkey Windows, you will be able to place them on any preexisting window opening in your home, and not just your typical rectangular shape. They can also be any style like sliding or double hung windows. These windows can also protect you and your home furnishings from harmful UV rays from the sun.

We want to keep our customers satisfied from their first visit to their last. To accomplish that, we offer free in home estimates! Insulating your glass will be one of the best interior design choices you could make for your home, and will also add a touch of fine craftsmanship from the exterior, saving you money every day and keeping your home the temperature you want it.
By Elizabeth Burton 10 Oct, 2017
To make sure your home’s gutters can keep up with the rain, you must be sure you are maintaining them properly. At Gilkey Windows and Exterior Solutions , we provide our customers with excellent service at a fair and honest price. Since our main goal is to provide you with convenience, the following list of ideas and tips can help you maintain your gutters and keep your home safe from water damage.

Walk around your home and inspect the gutters themselves. Look for any obvious damage such as corrosion, leaks, or dented or bent pieces. Rust can cause your gutters to break or corrode. If you notice any of these potential dangers, it is time to call a professional for maintenance or cleaning. It is essential that your home’s gutters are looking nice and working properly without any broken or missing parts to ensure that they will protect your home from excess water.

After inspecting your home’s gutters, you may have realized that they need a good cleaning . For your home’s gutters to work most efficiently, they must be clean and clear of debris. Rain water cannot easily flow through them if there is a large buildup of leaves and debris. A leaf blower is a great tool to eliminate the debris collecting in your gutters, and they are fairly affordable. If you find that you are unable or are having trouble eliminating the buildup with your leaf blower, do not stress!

Another way to remove clogs from your gutters is to use a tool called a gutter scoop. A gutter scoop removes any compacted debris very efficiently, but you must avoid pushing the debris together. Pushing the debris together can potentially cause a larger clog at the elbow or downspout of the gutter. If this larger clog does occur, it may be necessary to remove the elbow and use a garden hose to push the debris out. At Gilkey Window and Exterior Solutions, we provide an Exterior Solutions Gutter System that is clog-free and guaranteed not to pull away from your home! If you are tired of working overtime on your gutters and want to simplify your life, call us for more information about our Exterior Solutions Clog Free Gutter System.

Gutter maintenance involves more than just a good cleaning to ensure that your gutters can keep up with the rain. If you notice any damage to your gutters, your entire gutter system may need to be replaced, or you may just need to repair or replace small sections. Let the experts at Gilkey Window and Exterior Solutions help you assess all your needs to ensure your gutters are properly maintained.

At Gilkey Window and Exterior Solutions, we have something for everyone! Our expert team wants to help you make sure your home’s gutters are working properly for years to come. We have many different services and options available for all of your gutter and other exterior home needs. Our professionals are experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly. Our showroom is conveniently located in Lexington, KY, and we proudly serve the surrounding areas. Call us today to be sure your home’s gutters will be able to keep up with the rain.
By Elizabeth Burton 06 Sep, 2017
Maintaining the siding on your home not only keeps your exterior looking fresh and clean but it also saves you money in the long run. At Gilkey Windows and Exterior Solutions we want to simplify your life which is why we provide tips for maintaining your homes siding.
It is essential to keep up with the maintenance of your home’s interior and exterior, but when looking at the structure of your home you’ll find caring for and maintaining your home’s siding is especially important. If siding is not properly cared for it can cause a home to have a cluttered or unattractive appearance. Siding that is in poor condition could also become hazardous. If you are looking for ways to maintain your home’s siding you must first look into the type of siding you have. Your home is one of your biggest investments, it is crucial to keep up with your home’s siding. If it is time for your siding to be replaced, let the experts at Gilkey Windows and Exterior Solution help you make the most informed decision.

Vinyl Siding

The most popular type of siding is vinyl. Vinyl siding offers strength and stability that will transform the look of your home. If a piece of your vinyl siding comes unattached it is important to have it fixed promptly. If it is allowed to move in the wind it could become bent and will need to be replaced completely. Pressure washing can be done to maintain a pleasant and clean look. Typically vinyl siding lasts 10 years depending on weather and environment. Wood siding needs to be treated every 4 -6 years and often sooner in harsh climates.

Other Kinds of Siding

Holes in wood siding can lead to problems with moisture and pests. If metal siding starts to look rusted it can typically be painted, and if the paint is peeling or cracking, repainting will preserve the life of that coat. Stucco siding is often attacked by woodpeckers, which can cause damage quickly, deter the birds from returning to prevent further destruction. Since stucco siding is very porous it can overgrow with mold or tree sap rapidly. Walking around your home every couple years and remove stains and blemishes with a brush and degreaser will typically solve this problem. There are many things you can do to help preserve the beauty of your home’s siding. For even the most knowledgeable client, replacing siding can be a challenging task to do on your own. When jobs will require specific safety gear and special equipment, it is best to call a trustworthy professional such as Gilkey Windows and Exterior Solution.

Whether you are looking for traditional, rustic, elegant or modern doors, siding, or replacement windows, Gilkey Windows and Exterior Solution has something for you. We offer sturdy and reliable siding that comes in a large variety of styles to fit every unique home. Our professionals and Gilkey Window and Exterior Solutions are friendly and knowledge. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and your satisfaction is our guarantee. We proudly serve Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding areas with project planning services for replacement siding and so much more. Call Gilkey Window and Exterior Solution today to get started on your next home project.
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