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Will I Save Money with Replacement Windows in Lexington, KY?

Will I Save Money with Replacement Windows?  In a nutshell, yes. But the complete answer is a bit longer.

Factors That Determine How Much Energy You Will Save with Replacement Windows

What type of windows you are replacing – If your home currently has windows with single-paned glass and worn-out seals, you will save more money with new windows than if you are replacing double- or triple-paned windows.

What type of replacement windows you are installing – Replacing a single-paned window with new single-paned windows will probably not result in large savings on your utility bills. Gilkey Windows of Central Kentucky only offers double- and triple-paned replacement windows with double-strength frames to keep cold air out. Their U-values , which rate the window’s effectiveness of keeping warm air inside, are some of the best in the industry, meaning your heat will stay in your home where it belongs.


Size of window – Replacing a large picture window with a window that is more energy-efficient will save you more than replacing a smaller window.


Location of window – We get our fair share of cold, breezy days in Lexington, Kentucky, and old drafty windows that are not sheltered from the wind will let in more cold air than those that are protected. If you are looking to replace only some of your windows, put the ones that are more exposed to the elements toward the top of your list.

Other Ways Replacement Windows Will Save You Money

When people talk about saving money with new windows, they are almost always referencing energy savings. But there are other ways replacement windows can keep your money in your pocket.


Cleaning – If you live in a two-story house with windows that don’t tilt in, chances are you are paying someone to clean at least the outside of your windows. Vinyl replacement windows that can be tilted in mean you can wash them yourself, regardless of how tall your home is. That is money saved.


Safety – With a rating of 40, Gilkey replacement windows are the strongest in the industry when it comes to protecting you against break-ins. And no matter how good your homeowners’ insurance is, having someone break into your home is going to cost you more than not having someone break in.


Strength – Speaking of strength, replacing older windows with stronger replacement windows may help prevent breakage from errant baseballs or other tough blows.


Maintenance – Do your windows still have wood frames on the inside or outside? Do they still require caulking between the glass and frame to keep them from leaking? Vinyl replacement windows never have to be painted, saving you the cost of having someone scrape and paint them or the aggravation and time spent doing it yourself.


Whether you are looking for replacement windows in Lexington, Kentucky to save money or for some other reason, the experts at Gilkey Windows of Central Kentucky can help you find the perfect ones for your home. Visit our showroom at 373 E New Circle Road or call us to set an in-home consultation today.

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