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Window Types and Styles for your Lexington, KY Home

Many people enjoy the variety of seasons that come with living in the middle of the U.S., but wide-ranging weather and temperatures can make it difficult to choose the right replacement windows. Homeowners in this region can experience extreme heat and humidity, bone-chilling winters, severe thunderstorms, tornado-strength winds, and even the aftereffects of far-reaching hurricanes. For those replacing windows in Lexington Kentucky, experts recommend double-paned gas-filled glass to block out the cold and heat, and vinyl frames that aren’t conductive like aluminum.

Once you find the right type of window to fit your climate needs, it’s time for the fun part – deciding what style of window you want. Below is a list of different window styles and the benefits of each.list

Sliding Windows

Double-hung – Double-hung windows are classic and go with many house styles. They can be open from the top and bottom, providing excellent air circulation. Cleaning them is easy because both panes tilt in, and they work well with exterior screens.

Single-hung – Single-hung windows are similar in appearance to double-hung windows. They are less expensive to purchase, and because the top pane is immobile, there is minimal air leakage around it and you don’t have to worry about it sliding down the frame.

Horizontal slider – Horizontal sliding windows work the same way as double-hung windows except that they open side-to-side instead of up and down. They are ideal for taller windows and may be a bit easier to open than double-hung since they don’t need to be lifted to open.

Crank Windows

Awning windows – Normally longer than they are tall, awning windows open on a top hinge with a crank, making them easy to open and close. They don’t allow rain in when open and provide and uninterrupted view. Because they look good in smaller sizes than a single or double-hung window, they can be placed higher or lower than other styles.

Casement – Casement windows operate similar to awning windows, except they are hinged on one side instead of across the top. One of the most energy-efficient varieties, they can be used in many home types and can have decorative grilles added for visual interest. With their panes opening out at an angle, this style is better for catching breezes not coming directly toward the house.

Static Windows

Picture window – Picture windows are much lighter because they don’t have the hardware needed to allow a window to open and close. They are a great option for high windows, and can be made in an endless number of shapes and sizes.

Skylight – Skylights are great for adding light to rooms with no exterior walls or windows. While some varieties can open and close, most skylights are not designed to open, because of their inaccessibility and to prevent potential leaking.

Decorative glass windows – Decorative glass windows are similar to picture windows, but are constructed of colored or patterned glass. They are great for adding privacy and character to a room.

Bay and Garden Windows

Bay windows let in a lot of light because they protrude out from a wall, providing more surfaces for the light to penetrate. Their shape can create a sitting area perfect for reading a book or drinking a cup of coffee. A garden window is similar in shape and style, but is smaller. Often installed over kitchen sinks; its shelf can be used for growing houseplants and herbs, or ripening a tomato.

If you want windows that fit the style of your Lexington, Kentucky home, are energy-efficient, and are as maintenance-free as possible, visit Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions, the Central Kentucky replacement window experts .

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