Specialty windows come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but few manage to match the exact form and functionality offered by Garden Windows in the kitchen. For Kentucky homes, kitchen garden windows can add a range of benefits, and our team from Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions is here to not only look at the beneficial features of garden windows for kitchens but also to educate homeowners on how to choose the right garden window for their homes.

What Are Kitchen Garden Windows?

Garden windows are specialty windows comprised of a central picture window flanked on both sides by casement windows that extend out from the exterior wall with a glass top. They are similar to bay windows but are often smaller and have shelving specifically designed to house plants, which is why they are sometimes called greenhouse windows.

Garden windows are great for adding more natural light and expanding the physical space. They’re also an aesthetic enhancement that can increase the overall value of your home. We like garden windows in kitchens because they provide additional space, which is often needed in this busy room. The elevated moisture levels help maintain a healthy environment for any plants in the window. Plus, a garden window allows you to enjoy year-round gardening in the space, meaning you could have your fresh herb garden in the middle of winter.

How to Choose the Right Garden Windows for Kitchens

  1. Choose the Location: Our preferred location for kitchen garden windows is above the sink or on the same exterior wall as the sink for easy access to watering. It’s also often helpful to have additional light over the sink and extra space around it, both of which garden windows for kitchens can provide.
  2. Think about Ventilation and Airflow: While kitchen garden windows don’t open like traditional casement windows, there are styles with side vents that open to allow natural airflow. We all know how important good ventilation is in a kitchen while doing any kind of cooking or baking.
  3. Identify Any Unique Needs: Updating your kitchen should make the space more optimally suited to your unique lifestyle and household habits. Do you love to cook and need a model with side vents? Or do you prefer take-out and instead want your kitchen windows to give you the best light filtration possible? Are you an avid orchid collector looking to house and display your collection, or do you have a toddler and need extra shelf space for towels and rags for cleanup? Whatever it is that you need out of your kitchen windows, Work with your design team to address how your family might use a kitchen garden window.

Kitchen Garden Windows near Lexington, Kentucky

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