If our home is our castle, our refuge in the storm, a safe place for family and friends, then it’s important that we’re comfortable in that place and that it can provide protection for us from external elements. Insulating your house is one way to improve the home environment, as it helps to create a more comfortable and consistent indoor temperature. This is done by controlling environmental factors rather than employing more artificial heating or cooling. This ensures the interior of your home is comfortable and welcoming no matter what the weather brings. Three components to focus on when insulating your home, as they can have some of the largest effects on overall energy efficiency, are windows, siding, and doors.

New Windows

Up to 30% of unwanted energy transfer happens through our home’s windows. Older windows or single-pane windows can let heat in during the summer and out during the winter, putting extra strain on internal heating or cooling elements to compensate for the loss in order to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. So, one of the most fruitful steps you can take when insulating your home is to invest in new insulating windows.

Infinity by Marvin is one of the leading energy efficient windows on the market made of long-lasting fiberglass. Fiberglass is the preferred option for many homeowners getting new or replacement windows because it can outlast vinyl and has a maintenance routine far less demanding than wood.

Once your new windows are in place, you can add to their insulating power with energy efficient window coverings. Awnings, external screen shades, or interior window treatments like cellular honeycomb shades act in tandem with new energy efficient windows to better regulate that unwanted energy transfer and keep your home environment at a more consistent temperature year-round.

New Siding

Wrap your entire home in an insulating layer of protection with new vinyl siding. This method for insulating your home will help to immediately improve the overall energy efficiency of the entire residential structure. Old, damaged, or loose siding provides an avenue for cold or wet to enter your home. New vinyl siding ensures a gap-free external covering that keeps the elements out and your home cozy and comfortable. Vinyl is also one of the longest lasting, budget-friendly types of external siding, so investing in replacement siding is an optimal way for many homeowners to improve their home’s insulation and resulting energy efficiency for years.

New Doors

Whether the issue is a sub-par door that cannot fully block heat or cold or an ill-fitting door with gaps around the frame, your home’s overall energy efficiency will suffer until the problems are fixed. New modern doors have been designed to be better at insulating your home with durable materials and internal insulating elements. Professional installation of those new doors will also ensure that there are no gaps or leaks around the door’s edges or frame that would let the weather in.


Beat the heat of summer and keep the cold out this winter by improving your home’s insulation. Whether you are looking at energy efficient windows, insulating vinyl siding, or new doors you’ll find what you’re looking for at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions. Request a consultation to discuss insulating your home with their knowledgeable and helpful staff or stop by the showroom location near Lexington, Kentucky. Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions serves central Kentucky and the greater Lexington area.