It’s a new year and if it’s also time for a new look for your home, consider these exterior home elements that add both functional enhancements as well as impactful changes to home aesthetics. To improve curb appeal and your home’s value at once, consider the many benefits of a new front door, updated siding, new gutters, and insulated windows.

New Front Door

As the main portal to your home, and often appearing in the center of your home’s exterior, the front door is the nucleus of your home’s outward style. It sets the tone for style and color and is also a key security element for your home. Entryway doors come in various colors. While in 2022 black doors were the most popular color choice, in 2023 confident colors like blues, greens, reds, and yellows are expected to dominate for bright, bold home exteriors. Improving curb appeal starts with the front door.

New Siding

Working out from the front door, the next exterior element to consider for improving curb appeal is your siding. Since it covers such an expansive portion of your home’s exterior, its condition and aesthetic significantly impact the visual appeal of your home, not to mention the functional protection and insulation it also provides. Modern vinyl siding has many different finishes to suit a range of home aesthetics, from solid colors to realistic faux-stone facades, and with the advanced construction of vinyl siding with cutting-edge materials that are UV and weather-resistant, homeowners don’t have to worry about the colors on vinyl siding fading over time or peeling off.

New Gutters

Gutters mays seem like a more utilitarian upgrade than one that is focused solely on improving curb appeal, but the functionality of gutters is precisely what makes them a necessary part of your home’s overall aesthetic. Poorly performing gutters will drag down your home’s curb appeal as their inability to properly control the flow of water away from your home can result in water damage to the side of your residence and damage to the surrounding landscaping. And since water damage isn’t just a surface-level problem, especially if left unattended for some time, bad gutters can blow your home’s curb appeal and your wallet.

New Windows

Windows serve both a functional need in the home and add to its exterior (and interior) aesthetics. Modern windows with insulation help a home save energy by preventing the unwanted flow of energy between the outside, and the inside, so comfortable home atmospheres are easier and less costly to maintain. Visually, windows are a dynamic element of home aesthetics, making interiors feel more open and exteriors look more luxurious.

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