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The Benefits of Replacing Your Windows in Central KY

There are plenty of things around your house that you probably think about replacing or updating all the time. But unless they have been shattered, most people do not even give a passing thought to purchasing new windows. Well, even if they do not look like they are in bad shape, there are plenty of great reasons why you should consider replacing your windows this summer.

New Windows Save Money!

The most obvious reason for sprucing up your home’s windows is all the money you will save on your energy bills . Old windows can let in all sorts of drafts even when they are closed, and that runs up your heating and electricity bills to astronomical heights. The worst part is that you might not even notice the air sneaking through, meaning your wallet is getting pilfered and you have no clue. Most older windows are single paned and therefore lack any type of tint or coating. That means that they let in hot air during the summer and can leak out ambient heat in the winter, so it is hot when you want it to be cold and cold when you want it to be hot. Also, as an extra bonus on top of that, newer windows will protect your furniture and other possessions from fading and discoloration due to sunlight.

New Windows Look Great!

Another great reason to install new windows is that you will not have to spend as much time maintaining their condition. With so many technological advances in recent years, newer windows hold up much better than older ones. Aluminum frames are extremely durable and often are scratch resistant as well. Vinyl and fiberglass frames also offer strong support and thermal resistance. Even new wood frames are much more durable than the old ones.

New Windows Add Value To Your Home

Also, putting in brand new windows will help raise the value of your home. If you put in new, high quality windows, not only will it make your home more valuable because it is energy efficient, but also your home will look newer and nicer. There are so many different frame and style options out there that you will certainly find something that will bump up your home’s curb appeal. On top of that, new windows will also help beef up the security on your home. Most break-ins occur through the windows. Putting in new windows will make them harder to unlock and open from the outside, and the glass is more durable, making it harder to break. So throwing in new windows not only makes your house look nicer, but it also helps make it a little more secure, as well.

So if you decide that your home could use some new windows to help make it a better place to live, go to Gilkey Windows of Central Kentucky , for the best replacement windows in Lexington, Kentucky.

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