One of the most difficult aspects of home ownership and residence to manage is energy consumption. You practice all the tips from turning off lights and unplugging appliances to optimizing your thermostat settings and shortening your showers. But in the heat of summer or the frigid temperatures of winter, your energy bill seems outrageous. Often, these high costs come from weaknesses in your home’s overall construction. Every little nook and cranny that allows outdoor air into your home threatens your energy efficiency. One of the biggest culprits may be your windows. This home feature allows you to access the benefits of the outdoors while remaining comfortably inside, but if they aren’t strong enough, your windows may not be keeping as much out as you thought. With the superior strength of our windows, Gilkey Exterior Solutions can help when it’s time to replace your windows.


  1. Your windows are cracked or damaged.


This might be the most obvious situation. With this issue, it can be pretty clear that it may be time to replace your windows. Very minor superficial flaws may be able to be repaired, but if your window is warped, cracked, or has other significant damage, it is time for a replacement. Existing damage weakens your windows, meaning you are more susceptible to storm damage, robbery, or other experiences.


  1. Your home is older or in need of a renovation.


When older homes were built, the materials we use today weren’t available or as widely used. For example, many older homes might have wooden window frames. While visually appealing when newer, wooden frames do not last as long and may not weather extreme weather conditions well. Here in the Midwest, our homes are exposed to high heat and humidity, moisture, and below-freezing temperatures. Since wood has a tendency to expand and contract through extreme temperatures, your windows are more likely to wear out.


  1. Your energy bill is unexplainably high or your home seems drafty.


Like we mentioned, your windows provide access to the outdoors. If they’re not made with modern materials or have damage, then they are a threat to your energy efficiency. Often, it can be pretty easy to identify window deficits or drafts in winter. Sometimes you can feel cold air anytime you are near a window in your home. If this is the case, you should explore installing energy-efficient windows as part of your home improvement.


In all of these situations, Gilkey Vinyl Windows are a great replacement. These windows are strong and durable, requiring minimal to no maintenance. They have the power to outlast wood frames while remaining cost-effective. With our breakthrough honeycomb design, these vinyl windows maintain an airtight seal with your home to help reduce drafts and energy-draining leaks. Plus, they are visually appealing. While they can be slightly bulkier than traditional wood windows, this also means they can make a statement with your home’s curb appeal when they are in pristine condition.


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