There are many reasons, from saving your time to protecting your home from fires. And truly, if you weigh the leaf guard cost against the cost of not having leaf guards, it’s pretty clear to see why so many Lexington homes choose to upgrade their exterior gutters with leaf guards. So follow along with us as we explore the benefits of leaf guards for Kentucky homes and how to find the best leaf guards in your area.

Benefits of Leaf Guards vs. the Cost of Not Having Leaf Guards

Also known as garden windows, these windows are quite different from the ordinary. First, the most visually obvious difference is their size. Greenhouse windows protrude slightly from the side of your home, somewhat similar to a bay window. This protrusion creates a flat space inside your home that is saturated in sunlight all day, the perfect spot for a sun-hungry plant. In addition, the sequestered space creates a sub-environment in your home where you can control the humidity and temperature. That way, you can keep your plants happy and healthy without having to worry about the rest of your home taking a beating from the light and moisture.

What to Look for in Greenhouse Windows

Protecting Your Home vs. Paying to Replace Gutters, Siding, and Landscaping

When gutters experience a backup, the rippling effects can be pretty costly to repair. Debris damming up a gutter will cause an overflow, and that water, in turn, can wreak havoc on your home‘s exterior and landscaping. Water not properly drained away from your home can damage siding, windows, foundation, roofing, facia boards, landscaping, and even the gutters. That debris dam also poses a risk during fire season because it’s highly flammable, and, additionally, it offers a protected place for pests to burrow in. Protect your home by protecting your gutters with leaf guards, which will prevent the buildup of materials ensuring water can safely and quickly flow away from your home.

Saving time vs. a Lifetime of Maintenance Work

Traditional gutters will require ongoing maintenance for their entire lifetime. They need to be cleaned every fall and again in the spring. Every time there is turbulent weather, you’ll need to get up there to pull out fallen tree debris. It truly is an unending process. Leaf guards, on the other hand, prevent anything from falling into your gutters therefore, there is nothing that you’ll need to muck out. Think of the work hours you’ll save multiple times a year and ask if your unreplaceable time is worth more or less than the leaf guard cost.

Personal Safety vs. Working on a Roof or Ladder

To access traditional gutter systems, you have to either be on a high ladder or the roof; neither of those places is the most secure or safe. Especially for older homeowners, doing manual labor perched on a ladder top or the edge of the roof is fraught with dangers. Upgrading your gutter systems with leaf guards means you’ll get to spend more time safely on the ground, and you won’t have to worry about going up a ladder.

How to Select the Best Leaf Guards for your Lexington Home

Read Leaf Guard Reviews

By reading reviews of leaf guards online from fellow Kentucky homeowners, you can get a good idea of whether the product will work for your home. In addition to leaf guard reviews, you also want to read reviews of the companies making and installing leaf guards, as your satisfaction with them is paramount in having a pleasant shopping experience and ensuring you’re getting top-quality leaf guards installed in your home.

Work with Professional Installers

If leaf guards are not installed properly, they will not work. After all, an exact fit is key in keeping leaves and rooftop detritus out of the gutters, as gaps or imperfections will let the dirt in, rendering your new leaf guards useless. Therefore, when you’re budgeting for leaf guard costs, be sure to include professional installation in your plan. And online reviews can help you find reliable installers in your area.

Leaf Guards For Sale Near Lexington, KY

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