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6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Front Door in Lexington, KY

Although often forgotten about by homeowners, the front door is a focal point of any home because it is one of the first things that visitors notice. On a daily basis, your front door endures normal wear and tear that eventually requires repair or replacement.  Upgrading your front door, or even just applying a fresh coat of paint, can greatly enhance the look of your front door and your home. Here are six common signs that it is time to replace your front door in Lexington, KY:

  1. Operation Difficulties –  A telltale sign that it is time to replace your front door is if it is difficult to open and close the door. This could be due to a variety of issues, including improper initial installation or hinges that are wearing down. Generally, when hinges begin to break down, they begin to squeak.   Additionally, over the years, wood or metal doors can expand or contract in the different season temperatures, which can lead to operation difficulties.
  2. Surface Cracks –  When noticeable surface cracks develop in your front door, it is time to replace your front door in Lexington. Cracks can mean that your door is structurally weaker, which could become a safety concern for your home. Additionally, cracks can decrease the insulating properties of the door or let pests into your home.
  3. Scrapes Along the Floor –  Over time, doors can warp or sag with age, which can scrape or scratch the floor. Every time the door is opened or closed, you are damaging your door and your floors. At a minimum, the door should be rehung, but it most likely should be replaced to avoid further damage to your front door or floors.
  4. Drafts –  A major sign that your front door should be replaced is when drafts enter your home through the cracks around your front door. Cold or warm air entering your home around your front door can decrease the efficiency of your home. If you stand near the door and can feel air or see light, then it is time to replace the front door.
  5. Ants or Pests Entering Your Home –  Similar to drafts, if you have ants or pests entering your home through the cracks in or around your front door, it is time to replace your front door. Also, if the hinges are falling or the door is warped, the ants or pests can enter through the improperly closing front door.
  6. Out of Style –  Like most fashions, front door styles go in and out of style over the years.   Upgrading your front door can give your home a more modern look. Also, replacing your front door to a more modern door can increase your home’s curb appeal and improve the resale value.
If your front door is experiencing any of the common signs of replacement, it is easy to upgrade your door at   Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions .   Our experienced team at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions can work with you to determine the right front door for your home. Contact us today to see how we can serve your home with replacement doors in Lexington and the surrounding areas.
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