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Choosing A Front Door That Reflects Your Style in Lexington, KY

  • By Brian Dean
  • 17 Mar, 2017

The first thing that greets people as they enter your home is your front door. The front door can also say a lot about your personal style. There is an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to choosing a front door, but a few guidelines can help you choose the right door for your home.


Take into account the architecture of your home. Make sure the style of the door fits the architectural style of the rest of your home’s exterior. This is a great opportunity to let your personal style shine. Choose a door color, entryway accessories and hardware that reflect your personality. Consider glass, stained glass inserts or even an arched door.


There are several options when it comes to front door materials.

Wood: Natural wood doors with a rich, organic appearance and visible wood grain, reflect a traditional home decor style. They can have raised panels or a glass insert installed to fit your personal preference.

Steel: Steel offers a more affordable option than solid wood. Steel is also an incredibly durable material. It won’t crack, peel or warp and is resistant to dents. These doors can be constructed with an insulated core to help with energy efficiency. Steel doors have a smooth appearance but can be personalized with panel and paint color choices.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass is also an affordable and durable option. They rarely need touchups and due to their foam core, they don’t conduct heat so they are a good choice in extreme climates.


There are several choices and things to take into consideration when choosing the right size door. Take into account the size of your entryway. Will a standard single door of 32”-36” fit? Do you have a larger than normal doorway that can accommodate an extra wide single door? Anything beyond 42” will require a double door configuration. Have you taken into account decorative tiles and ornamental elements around the sides of the doors? These things will require proper measurements as well as framing for support.


Choosing the perfect front door that reflects your style is an investment in your home. Keep in mind the both initial and long term costs. Consider how well the door insulates and the impact it will have on your home energy costs. Consider the standard life expectancy of the door and how much maintenance will be required to keep it looking great.

Iron doors typically reside at the upper end of the price spectrum. Choosing wrought iron designs should be done very carefully to ensure that the ironwork complements the style and architecture of the exterior of your home and your entryway or foyer. Real wrought iron doors can add considerable value to your home that can stand the test of time if properly designed. Double entry doors present perhaps the best canvas for an artful iron design. If the cost is unwarranted in your plan, you will find many less expensive glass doors that provide a similar aesthetic to wrought iron.


For expert advice on the right front door for your home, contact the professional at Gilkey Windows of Central Kentucky. Contact us today or stop by our showroom to set up an in-home consultation. We proudly serve Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding areas with project planning services for replacement doors and windows.  

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By Elizabeth Burton 11 Jan, 2018
The winter season brings about increased energy usage, usually to combat the lower temperatures. If you wish to lower your energy bills, there are ways to make your home more energy-efficient.

You should use the sun to your advantage . If you have windows that are south-facing, make sure that your curtains are open during the day. This will allow sunlight into your home, and provide heat naturally. This can help lower the amount of energy needed to keep your house warm. However, at night you should close the curtains to minimize the amount of cold air that enters your home through the window. Switching to energy-efficient window treatments will yield the greatest conservation of energy. These window treatments act as insulation to restrict air from entering and leaving your home.

If your home is experiencing heat loss, you may want to check your fireplace. Unless there is a fire burning, the fireplace damper should be closed. Leaving the damper open in the winter is basically the same as having a wide open window. Any air that is heated is able to escape right out of the chimney. It is a smart decision to plug and seal the chimney flue if your fireplace never sees use. However if you do use your fireplace, installing tempered safety glass doors is a good idea. You can also set up a heat-air exchange system to circulate warm air into your home. Make sure that the fireplace flue damper has a tight seal. If it is not sealed properly, energy will be wasted. You should also eliminate gaps in the fireplace hearth by adding caulk. These tips are critical for limiting the amount of energy loss caused by your fireplace.

Holidays are celebrated with lots of festive decorations, and lights are an essential part of those decorations. Between Christmas trees and outdoor lights, your home is probably spending more on lights in the winter. You can switch to LED strings of holiday lights to save energy. LED lights can also be incorporated into your home’s other light fixtures for energy savings year round. Another option is to use ENERGY STAR® certified light strings.

Adjusting your thermostat is the best way to lower your energy bill. When you are up and about in your home, lower the thermostat to the lowest possible temperature that still provides a comfortable environment for your household. Then, when you are out of the house or sleeping, lower the thermostat by ten to fifteen degrees. By doing this, it will help you save about 10% each year on your heating and cooling bills. Thermostat timers are available, so the temperature will automatically fluctuate depending on the time of day.

If you are interested in increasing your home’s energy efficiency, it is imperative that your home has the right exterior barriers. At Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions , we are experts in home improvement. We specialize in delivering high quality doors, siding, gutters, and windows to clients. We are located in Lexington, KY and provide service to the surrounding area.
By Elizabeth Burton 29 Dec, 2017
Bay windows are a prevalent fixture in architecture around the world. They offer beauty to both the interior and exterior of homes. A bay window is a window structure that distends outward from the main walls of a building in the formation of a bay. This is a generic term that encompasses all protruding windows, no matter what height they are. A flat front bay window with angled sides is known as canted. The most typical inside angles are 150, 135, and 90 degrees.

From the medieval to baroque era, bays windows were oriel windows. They were traditionally implemented as a decorative addition to buildings rather than an original part of it. During the Gothic period, they were purposed as small home chapels, as the oriel window contained an altar and resembled a church apse. Oriental oriel windows were customarily crafted out of wood. They allowed you to see outside the window, but restricted viewing from the outside.

Around the 1870s in the British Isles, bay windows became a prominent feature of residential Victorian architecture. The popularity was due to the ability it had to make a room appear bigger, while also providing views of outside that were better than what a flat window could offer. Other English countries, like the U.S., Australia, and Canada followed suit in the bay window trend. The pre-modern commercial structural design at the Oriel Chambers in Liverpool was used as the basis for the Chicago School skyscrapers which use bay windows that go all the way to the top of the building. In 2012, a study was conducted that featured a machine learning algorithm on photos taken from Google Street View. The results declared that bay windows were a significant characteristic of San Francisco architecture. Bay windows are also commonly used in row houses in other big cities in America, such as Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Bay windows and bow windows are often confused with each other, but they have several differences. A bay window traditionally has three openings with angled projections. Bow windows feature four of five openings, which use more glass panes and allow more light to flow in. Bay windows’ design contains a picture window with two smaller windows on either side. Bow windows have a curved structure, which gives the exterior of a home a rounded appearance. The pointed lines of bay windows make them a more fitting choice for modern homes. The semi-circular outward structure of the bow window greater aligns with the Victorian architecture style. Bow windows can also be built on the corner of buildings to give superior viewing ability from two sides.

If you are interested in upgrading your current windows to bay windows, Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions can help. We are home improvement experts with years of experience. We custom-design the windows to be a perfect fit for you and will professionally install them. The passion we have for remodeling homes is seen in our remarkable service and extraordinary quality. Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions is located in Lexington, KY and provides service to the surrounding area.
By Elizabeth Burton 21 Nov, 2017
When you are in your home, there is nothing like relaxing in your living room, family room, or bedroom while looking out your beautiful sliding glass door. In order to keep your sliding glass door looking great, you have to keep it maintained. If you are wondering how you are supposed to keep it maintained, then we can help. At Gilkey Windows and Exterior Solutions , we specialize in interior and exterior windows and doors, so we can give our customers everything they need and can help them be more knowledgeable about their windows and doors. As a family-owned company with many years in the business, we want you to feel at home and like family when you make the right choice to let us provide any service for you. We proudly serve the surrounding areas of Lexington, KY.

Cleaning and maintaining your home can be a task that you just don’t want to do and might even keep pushing off. However, it does not have to be that way, especially when it comes to your sliding glass door. The first quick and easy tip to sliding glass door maintenance is making sure that your door always opens smoothly. It can be very annoying if you are trying to open your sliding glass door and it keeps sticking. To fix or to prevent this from happening to you, make sure every once in a while you clean the track of your door. This might seem like it would be time consuming, but it really isn’t! All you need is a cheap brush cleaning tool, a vacuum, and some WD-40. Just brush out the dirt in the track, vacuum it up, and then spray on the WD-40 to get your door to slide like new!

You will also need to maintain the rollers located at the bottom of your slider. If you wait too long to fix bad rollers, you can potentially damage your track. At Gilkey Windows and Exterior Solutions, we have the tools and equipment you will need to fix your rollers before they cause more damage. Even though this process might need more than one person, it is still very quick and easy. All you need to do is unscrew and take off both aluminum stiles of the moving panel, lift your door to remove, and replace the new ones.

When maintaining your sliding glass door , it does not have to take a lot of time out of your day. Be sure to keep up with maintenance to keep your doors looking like new. Gilkey Windows and Exterior Solutions has years of experience, meaning we have the knowledge and expertise to help you keep your sliding glass door looking great for years to come. Plus, as a family-owned and operated shop, we are dedicated to great customer service. Feel free to stop by our full showroom located in Lexington, KY if you have any questions regarding theses quick and easy tips for your sliding glass door maintenance. Our team of professionals are always happy to assist you!
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