Suppose you want to save energy to improve the efficiency of your home and save some money on your monthly energy bills. This is a common thing that many homeowners deal with, and the first step to do this is to identify the spaces or things in your home that contribute to its inefficiencies the most. Typically, the most common culprits of energy loss in a home are the windows, the doors and entryways, and the siding on your house.

Fixing or upgrading these parts of your home can pay you back tenfold, as they will not only help you save energy in the long run, they are investments into your home that will have it looking and working better and give you the opportunity to add some more personal touches to your home. We asked our experts at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions to weigh in on these three areas of the home and add their thoughts on what you can do to save energy year-round.

Energy Saving Home Improvements

  • Windows: Windows can account for up to 30% of unwanted energy loss in a structure and so dramatically affect a home’s energy efficiency and the comfort level of its inhabitants. Be sure your windows aren’t your weak point by adding insulating features. Replacing any single-pane windows or damaged windows in your home with new modern models designed to better block unwanted energy transfer will go far for your home’s energy efficiency. This is one of several energy-saving home improvements you’ll instantly see on monthly energy bills. Your choice of window coverings can also have a significant effect if you opt for insulating window treatments like cellular shades, which can help to further insulate your home from the outside world.
  • Doors and Entryways: Because doors and entryways are transitional zones in the home, there is bound to be some energy transfer. But when these areas of the home go unchecked, that expected amount of energy transfer can quickly balloon into costly amounts. So make sure your main front door is in good condition with a snug fit that blocks drafts and air from leaking in or out. The same goes for any back doors or sliding glass patio doors.
  • Siding: Your home’s first line of defense against a whole array of natural elements is its siding. From freezing temperatures to bug infestations, siding protects your home year-round from those sometimes unseen hazards of the natural world, but it can only do that if it’s in good condition. Inspect siding every year for any sign of vulnerabilities like loose or cracked boards and replace damaged sections as a necessary energy-saving home improvement.

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