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How to Transform your Front Doorway in Lexington, KY

Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions

A door is the entryway to your home, and perhaps the first item that people notice. To give your home the entrance it deserves, creatively updating your front door can drastically change the appearance of your front entrance. Gilkey Windows in Lexington, Kentucky is a family owned and operated local business ready to help you transform your doorway today with the aid of their professional staff.

Choose Light

With an assortment of doors to choose from, it can be difficult knowing which direction is appropriate for your personal style that fits your homes existing décor. By replacing your exterior door, you’re not only giving your home more curb appeal, but you’re also increasing your home’s value as well. When transforming your entryway, consider opening up the space by choosing a lighted door, or one with small windows. The addition of glass in the door can give your home an elegant look and add plenty of visual appeal, but it can also allow your door to appear larger while letting in more light, especially if your existing door shuts out natural sunlight. If you don’t like the idea of windows inside your door, installing them surrounding your entrance is another way to open up the space and highlight your door by accenting it with lights. Whether you choose side lights, top lights, or both, Gilkey Windows offers in-home consultations for decisions such as this, offering their professional opinion at your convenience for the best doorway possible.

Add Color

It is amazing what color can do for a door and your home’s overall appearance. If your home is a neutral color, with brick or vinyl siding, painting the doorway can bring the vivid color and excitement to your front entrance. Choose a color, such as red, that grabs the attention your home deserves and highlights the entryway for a stimulating new look. If you don’t want to take the risk of purchasing a brightly colored door or painting it yourself, there are other simple and less permanent ways to add color and bring attention to your front entrance. Adding patio furniture is an excellent idea if there is space available, but if not, potted plants or hanging baskets with colorful flowers are a great way to provide color without painting. Adding a decorative light fixture next to your doorway can also make the entrance stand out. Brightening your entryway with color is an exciting way to update your home while allowing your personal style to make an exterior statement.


If choosing color for your front door doesn’t reflect your style, selecting a material with design or glass inserts can add the perfect amount of subtle flare. There are various styles of doors to choose from, such as those constructed of steel or fiberglass. A steel door offers the ultimate protection by providing strength and also holds up against the elements with little maintenance. Luckily, steel doors can come with glass inserts also. Fiberglass doors can mimic the appearance of many designs, like wood, or can be colored to give your home the color scheme you’re looking for. They can also come with glass inserts and fiberglass is an excellent material for withstanding sunlight damage or extreme temperatures. If you’re choosing glass inserts, be sure to consider the impact resistance glass for safety. Colored or textured glass inserts can provide a unique look while also providing privacy. Gilkey Windows in Lexington KY offers a wide selection of doors, form the Gilkey Doors which are manufactured locally, to the energy efficient Infinity by Marvin Doors, to accommodate any style. Contact the professional staff of Gilkey Window today for professional installation to help transform your front door from boring to boastful.
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