While it’s true that home is where the heart is, it’s also in a more literal sense where everything else is. From our family to our furniture, it’s all housed in one place: Our home. And for many, the home will be one of the largest investments in their lives. Keep that investment opportune by maintaining and upgrading strategically. Some of the best protective home investments include vinyl siding, new gutters, and modern windows and window treatments.


Getting vinyl siding is a protective home investment because the product literally creates a protective barrier around your home. Vinyl siding is ultra-durable and protects the house from natural elements like water, snow, and wind that can have destructive effects. Additionally, color selection for house siding is drawn from a large palette, so it’s suitable for a range of exterior color schemes. Siding also creates a polished final exterior look that improves a home’s curb appeal, protecting the homeowner’s original investment by maintaining a high resale value.

Clog-Free Gutters

Water can be one of the most destructive natural elements to attack your home’s exterior. From pelting rain to cracking ice, H2O can attach to homes year-round in one form or another. That’s why it’s important for your home’s gutter system to operate reliably and optimally year-round. Clogged gutters overflow or leak, causing the protentional for additional water damage, including issues with underground plumbing. Keep water smoothly flowing away from your home with clog-free gutters. When it comes to protective home investments, gutters protect your home and your wallet from costly water-damage repair bills.


Windows have the potential to be a huge liability in your home. Old windows are easier to break into (or just break in general), and they offer less protection from outside elements like searing summer heat or bone-chilling winter winds. New windows with increased insulation protect your home from the cold in the winter and the hot in the summer by blocking energy transfer for greater energy efficiency throughout the home. Plus, with innovative operating mechanisms and locks, new windows have enhanced safety features, which is why new windows have long been among the most popular protective and worthwhile home investments.

Automated Window Shades

High-end window treatments are another one of the home investments with a protective advantage. Window treatments provide your home with privacy, which is crucial for a secure and comfortable home atmosphere. Additionally, motorized shades can be set on a schedule while you are away on vacation to give the illusion of occupancy. This helps deter would-be thieves from breaking into your home while you’re gone. Modern automated systems can also offer peace of mind on a daily basis. Never again wonder if you left the front shades open or if your bedroom is exposed.


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