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Doors, like other aspects of your home, need to be replaced over time. A working door is a priority for a house, so it is necessary to check on its performance. Replacement doors have multiple benefits, including helping the resale value of your property. Here are some reasons to be adding new doors to homes in Lexington, KY.

Curb Appeal

When people walk up to your home, the first thing they are greeted with is the front door. It is a focal point of the exterior, and attracts the eyes. So if your door is showing its age, it can be affecting the curb appeal of your property. Visible signs of wear such as dents and dings will detract from the aesthetic look of your place. Water damage will also diminish the overall beauty of the façade as well. Whether your front door has indentions or simply outdated, an upgrade will provide a facelift that can complete transform the outward appearance. You can redefine the character and style of your house. Depending on your choice of door, you can also increase the value of your property, too. Fiberglass or steel are stylish options that have a great return on investment.

Reducing Drafts

Another argument for why you should be adding new doors to homes in Lexington, KY, is if they have lost functionality. Doors are meant to keep the world outside, but older ones can do a subpar job of that. If you walk by your doorway and feel cold air, this indicates that your door is letting in a draft. The chilly winter air reduces the temperature in your residence, which means that more energy must be expended on heating. To keep your home as warm as you would like, you are stuck paying extra on your energy bills due to the drafty door. Installing a new door will shut out the weather, and reduce your energy consumption. You can even invest in an energy-efficient door that is crafted out of insulated materials for increased energy savings.

Home Security

Doors also need be reliable and make you feel secure. If you are having trouble opening or closing your door, it is time for a replacement. Another sign is if you question its ability to keep intruders out. The structural integrity is important for your home security, and if you find it to be lacking, a stronger door can help you feel safer. Robust materials and deadbolts can provide you with the peace of mind that the door is resistant to attempts at forced entry.

If you are considering adding new doors to homes inLexington, KY, rely on the replacement professionals at Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions. We provide custom, energy-efficient doors and windows, which we professionally install for you. Our project planning team can help you achieve your ideal exterior for you home. We work with customers so that we can design a home improvement project that is right for them. We are located in Lexington, KY to provide our replacement services to the surrounding area. Call us today to learn more about our products.