Rectangular windows are a classic and timeless option for homes of all styles. However, since they are a standard choice, they are not too exciting. To add a unique architectural and design element to your home, you may want to consider selecting an uncommon window style. An untraditional window will certainly draw eyes and add a delightful detail to any space. If you want to add a statement piece to your rooms, think about starting with a window renovation. There are countless unique window styles that you may be unfamiliar with, but they could be the perfect addition to your home.

One window style that is sure to catch the attention of your guests is the hexagon. With its six-sided shape, it is a twist on rectangular windows but not a far leap. It is bound to be a graceful focal point for any area. A hexagon is great way to modernize any room, due to its unconventional form. To complement this window, it would be well suited with minimalistic furniture and a bold color pattern. If you desire a window that will leave a lasting impression with guests, the hexagon is a phenomenal choice.

Another option for unique window styles you may have not considered is the cathedral with extended legs. This shape resembles a pentagon, but with a more rounded top. This choice is great for those who enjoy the design of older buildings. This shape is something you would find in churches or historical homes. A cathedral window would be perfect for your home if you are looking to invoke a sense of old world charm.

The half eyebrow with extended legs is an unusually shaped window, as well. This option is essentially a rectangle with a half oval rounding out the top, but the window is actually split in two. This option has two windows that mirror one another. It is a different style of window but is not completely odd or out there. The window would fit with any style of décor from rustic to contemporary. The half eyebrow with extended legs would be a fascinating design addition to your home.

Of course when you choose such unique window styles, standard window coverings simply will not work with them. However, you can get custom window treatments that are made specifically for your windows, whatever shape they may be. This allows your windows to be properly fitted with your choice of window fashion, so they can be wondrous beauty for your home.

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