How do you know when you need new gutters? Or, more importantly, how do you know you need new gutters before it causes significant damage to your home’s exterior? Homeowners always need to keep a keen eye on channels because minor problems can cause considerable dollar damage. Leaking gutters can allow water to attack your home’s exterior walls, the roof and fascia boards, windows, window frames, doors, siding and paint, the foundation, and surrounding landscaping with the ever-present danger of developing a leak big enough to make it inside your home. So it is essential to keep an eye on your gutters for signs that it might be time to replace the old system with new clog-free channels.

5 Signs You May Need New Gutters

1. Cracks or Holes

Cracks and holes never get smaller; they only get bigger. This is why it is best to address cracks and holes, even small ones immediately. And while small cracks or holes can be patched, persistent signs indicate it is time for new gutters.

2. Peeling Paint

Exterior gutters can be painted to match numerous home styles, but keep an eye on that gutter’s paint, as damage may be a sign of problems. Gutters are designed to be in the elements, so if their paint starts peeling or bubbling, it clearly shows a problem with the gutter itself, and one that, if left unchecked, could cause water damage.

3. Eroded Landscaping & Standing Water

If you want to know if there is a problem with your gutters, you need only look down. If gutters are not draining correctly, water might pool at their base. This may look like standing water under a gutter or eroded landscaping around the base of your home.

4. Visible Water Damage

Since a gutter’s main job is to channel away any water falling on your home, visible signs of water damage can be a huge red flag that something is wrong with your gutter system. Examples of visible signs of water damage that you might see around your home include bubbling or peeling paint, rot in wooden features (like window sills), and any signs of mold or mildew growth inside or outside your home.

5. Sagging or Bowing

Gutters must be installed appropriately and hanging correctly to be proficient at their job. When inspecting gutters, ensure the system’s structure is in shape. Signs that gutters are hung improperly or structurally compromised include sagging or bowing gutters, gutters pulling from the side of the house, broken fasteners, compromised or water-damaged fascia, seam stress, or if you are fining nails or screws on the ground beneath gutters.

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