What are Leaf Guard Gutters?

Standard roof gutters are almost a u-shape, with solid walls and bottom and an open top. This design easily allows any precipitation to gather in the gutters to be then swept away through the downspout. Unfortunately, it’s not only precipitation that falls on your roof. Sticks, leaves, other plant debris, dirt, and even animal droppings can all accumulate on your roof. Leaf guards or gutter guards are protective coverings for your gutter system that keep debris out to ensure unimpeded water flow throughout your entire system.

What Are the Main Benefits of Gutter Guards?

While there are many things to love about upgrading your gutters with gutter guards, our top 3 include features that save homeowners money, ensure the safety of their homes and personal beings, and allow them to focus their time where they want – on family and friends not fixing their gutters.

Top 3 Benefits of Upgrading to Gutter Guards

1. Save Your Personal Time

Do you enjoy spending your weekends cleaning gutters? Does a trip up a ladder to manually scoop muck out of your gutters sound like a good time? If you said yes, then maybe gutter guards aren’t for you. However, if you’re like most Kentuckians, there are a million other ways you’d prefer to spend your time and energy other than cleaning gutters. Gutter guards are that little bit of prevention that can save you from hours of manual labor. By protecting your gutters from falling debris with gutter guards, the need for cleaning or emergency repairs drops exponentially.

2. Protect Your Home

A well-designed and well-maintained gutter system protects a house in numerous ways. It collects and carries away precipitation, protecting the structure’s siding, windows, foundation, and basement from water damage. Gutters also safeguard lawns and landscaping that can be drowned by excess water, especially if the water is left standing for an extended period of time. In the winter, gutter guards prevent ice dams that can seriously damage the gutters themselves, as well as your roofing and the fascia board or rake board on your roof line. Gutter guards also help to keep pests out who might otherwise take refuge in the debris buildup in blocked gutters. Lastly, in parts of Kentucky that are at risk for bushfires, gutter guards keep flammable plant debris like leaves and twigs out of the gutter as part of your home’s overall fire defense tactic.

3. Long Term Money Savings

The best gutter guards will help homeowners save money and the cost of their labor through preventive care. Water damage is costly to fix, landscaping is expensive to replace, and pest infestations are costly to remove. Gutter guards save money by preventing that damage, and since gutter guards last for years, homeowners can expect ongoing savings for the life of their gutter guards.

Where Can I Purchase Gutter Guards Near Lexington, KY?

Protect your home and save your time and money with new gutter guards from Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions located near Lexington, Kentucky. Request a consultation to speak with the knowledgeable team about the Gilkey Exterior Solutions Gutter System, an innovative gutter plus gutter guard system with a modern crown molding look. Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions serves homes and businesses in the greater Lexington area.