How much of your heat is lost through the windows of your home? How much cold creeps through window panes at night, dropping temperatures inside? And most importantly, how long do you want to pay for the annoyance of inconsistent heat and higher energy bills? Windows represent one of the most vulnerable points in a home accounting for up to 30% of unwanted energy transfer between a home’s interior and the outside world. So, start your winter fortifications around the house with new windows in mind to create the kind of comfortable, efficient, and stylish interior that draw us in for cozy winter get togethers.

How to Warm with Windows

  • Insulation: Warm homes start with great insulation. New windows add insulation to one of the largest vulnerabilities in a home to exponentially help improve energy efficiency of the dwelling as a whole. You’ll want to replace any old single pane windows and inspect all windows and window frames for any cracks, damage, or air leaks. Modern styles of fiberglass windows rank among the best new windows because of their insulating properties and long-lasting design to ensure years of improved energy efficiency.
  • Warming Light: When winter comes, the efficiency of a window lies not only in its ability to insulate and block out cold air, but also in the wonderfully warming natural light that they allow in. Creating cozy home atmospheres not only requires warm temperatures, but it also welcomes illumination to make us feel comfortable in the space. New windows are a key part of creating that ideal home ambiance where we can comfortably tuck away for the long winter months.
  • Window Accoutrements: Add coverings to new windows for additional layers of warmth and style. Window films are one option for coverings that offer UV protection and privacy with undisturbed views while interior window treatments like shades and shutters make a statement in both style and precision. Exterior awnings are yet another window accoutrement that can add energy efficient control to structures. So, whether you are looking to preserve the view, enhance your interior décor, or utilize exterior space, there is a style of window accessory to help enhance the benefits and features of new windows.
  • Winter Wonderlands: Staying warm this winter doesn’t have to mean closing yourself (or your home) off from the season. New windows can keep interiors feeling warm and cozy and yet also help us maintain the connection with the natural outdoors and the beauty of the winter season thanks to their view-through features. They create eye-catching focal points in rooms that let you enjoy the winter wonderland outside from a cozy, protected area inside.


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