Living in the Midwest, we all know that the weather is unpredictable. Here in Central Kentucky, it can go from sunny and warm to chilly and pouring within the hour. That means our homes have to be built to withstand any kind of weather. Gutters are a common home feature that often go unnoticed, but they have an important role in protecting our homes from the weather.


If you’ve never paid attention to the gutters on your home or do not currently have them, you may wonder if they are truly necessary, and rain gutters may be the most controversial. Rain gutters are designed to redirect water. By allowing the water to drain in a safe location away from your home, you can reduce erosion at your home’s foundation, reducing costly repairs later on.


While a few roofers may advise against gutters due to possible damage to facial boards, having your gutters professionally installed by Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions can prevent the problem.


Another common complaint about gutters is maintenance, especially when clearing clogs is involved. Gutter maintenance requires climbing on a ladder to clear debris, but that process carries risks. First, to follow proper safety recommendations, it is best to have someone with you. That may make it more difficult to find the time when the weather is favorable. You may also have problems with uneven ground, ladder height, and stability. It’s also a dirty job. Debris such as leaves, bugs, bird nests and dirt will begin to decay in gutters. Even with the proper tools, you may have to physically remove stubborn buildup.


However, with the Exterior Solutions Gutter system, that issue is solved as well. With the perforated hood made from premium grade aluminum, your gutters are protected from debris including leaves, bird nests and more. Plus, the strategically placed perforations and flow reducers help better manage the flow of water.


This product also installs under the drip edge on your home and not under the shingle. This means you have a gutter system option that won’t conflict with most roof systems and warranties. You can also avoid costly water damage with this gutter’s exclusive, patented high-back gutter trough that creates a watertight seal at the roofline.


If your Central Kentucky home needs new gutters, visit Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions in Lexington, KY to see the Exterior Solutions Gutter System. Our design team can also provide an in-home consultation to discuss your renovation needs. If you need new gutters but are also looking at replacing doors, windows or siding, we can help you with it all. While a new gutter system will protect your foundation, these other renovations can make your home more energy efficient. Once a plan is created, we will take all the necessary measurements and provide you with a no-obligation quote.


All of our available products can be found online or in our showroom in Lexington, KY. You can check out all the features of the Exterior Solutions Gutter System and look at other home improvement options. Contact us today to begin your home renovation project!