Midwest winters are rather unpredictable. One day it might be in the upper 50s with rain and suddenly the next day offers frigid temperatures, turning the rain into ice. We all know how dangerous ice and snow can be when you’re driving or even walking across flat surfaces. But we might not always think about what ice and snow could do to our homes. During severe weather, we know hail can be a hazard as it can damage vehicles, windows, and a home’s roof. But even the buildup of snow and ice can cause damage to our homes, especially our gutters. You can avoid most of the risks associated with winter weather with the Gilkey Exterior Solutions Gutter System, but there are some additional tricks you should know.


  1. Prevent buildup with gutter guards.


When debris can pile up in your gutters, it creates blockages and added weight. These blockages can prevent water and melting snow from moving through your gutters, creating spillovers and other messy situations. Those spillovers tend to concentrate water flow in certain areas and can seep into your home’s foundation. With the Exterior Solutions Gutter System, your gutters are covered with premium grade aluminum to keep debris out. The perforated hood also helps you better manage your water.


  1. Add heat to help melt away snow and ice.


By installing gutter heating cables, you can stop the buildup before it ever happens. With gutter heaters, the water in your gutter system stays above freezing, preventing any ice from forming and creating buildup and ice dams. Most heating systems come with thermostatic controls so you can turn them on when necessary to stay safe and prevent overheating. If the energy consumption and potential from overheating is a deterrent, you can actually prevent the need for heaters by following the next tip.


  1. Keep your roof cold by improving insulation.


The main cause of ice buildup in your gutters is from runoff from snow melting on the roof. If it is cold enough for ice to form, you might suspect that the snow isn’t melting from the outdoor temperature. In fact, the heat from inside your home can cause the snow to melt. To keep your roof cold, you can reinforce the insulation under the roof and make sure your attic is well-ventilated. Hot air rises, so doing these things will help reduce the heat buildup.


  1. Reinforce your gutters.


When there is a lot of snow following, it can buildup pretty quickly. Inches and inches of snow means extra weight on your gutters. As a result, sometimes even the best gutters can fail. Installing bracing hardware or gutter brackets can help provide support. The Exterior Solutions Gutter System features an exclusive highback system, installs under the drip edge, and has a five-point mounting system with screws every two feet, guaranteed not to pull away from the home.


While these tips can help protect your gutters, you can only do so much if you have a low-quality gutter system. To save your time and hard work, contact us today for your in-home consultation. Gilkey Exterior Solutions is located in Lexington and serves all of Central Kentucky.