Springtime is known as a great time to deep clean your home. While you might think of spring cleaning as going through all your belongings, cleaning out old storage closets, changing all the sheets, and other cleaning projects inside your home, the weather change is also perfect for cleaning your home’s exterior. After spending all winter cooped up inside avoiding the cold, we are all anxious for a reason to hang out in the sunlight. If you have more time at home, cleaning your home’s exterior is the perfect way to get outdoors while also preparing your home for the changing seasons. If you’re looking to start any major projects near Lexington, Kentucky, Gilkey Exterior Solutions has you covered.

Checking for Wear and Tear

One of the first steps when it comes to spring cleaning for your home’s exterior is to note any areas of wear and tear around your home. This can help give you an idea of what projects might be coming up and what needs to be addressed immediately so that you can plan ahead. By consistently checking your home’s condition, you know what areas need extra care to prepare for the turbulence of the changing seasons. From April showers to wicked-cold winters, your home’s exterior can go through a lot in a year. Be sure to check around your doors and windows for any loose weather strips or other insulating materials. If you noticed any chilly drafts this past winter, consider if you might need to replace your doors or windows. With replacements from Gilkey Exterior Solutions, you can rest assured that the summer heat and winter cold stays out of your home.

Power Washing Your Home’s Exterior

As you finish checking for drafts and leaks on your home, you also want to take a look at your home’s siding. If you find any significant areas that need replacement, vinyl siding from Gilkey Exterior Solutions offers strength and durability. Once you’ve ensured that your siding is still in good condition, you don’t have to fear a long process to clean them. Pressure or power washing your vinyl siding can be a safe and easy process. Be sure to start with low pressure from a good distance and adjust from there. To get started, you can use soap and water, or a pressure washer detergent. Apply the mixture with smooth, overlapping strokes from bottom to top. Once you have went over your siding, take a brush to any tough to clean spots. After taking a short break for the solution to work (but not dry), rinse off your siding. This is another great step to take when it comes to spring cleaning for your home’s exterior.

Cleaning Your Gutters

Since spring and summer tend to bring many rain showers, be sure to clean your gutters. If you find that this is your least favorite chore when it comes to spring cleaning for your home’s exterior, consider installing a clog-free system. These low maintenance gutters can prevent problems before they start and keep your rain redirection system in tip-top shape.


Spring cleaning for your home’s exterior is a great way to get an understanding of any maintenance needs before the warm, wet weather sets in. For help with your window, siding, or gutter projects, contact Gilkey Exterior Solutions. Located in Lexington and serving Central Kentucky, our strong, durable products can prepare your home for all seasons. Contact us today to request a consultation!