Home ownership comes with a variety of chores and maintenance tasks. While frequent chores such as washing dishes, sweeping floors, and picking up after ourselves can get tiring, we don’t usually put off these tasks for too long. Even though having a chore that only needs to be done a few times a year sounds preferable, these are often the projects that are overlooked. That is because many of these are outdoor maintenance tasks that can be time-consuming, difficult, and sometimes even hazardous. Cleaning the gutters often falls into this category. It might seem like an unnecessary project, but keeping your gutters clean can help prevent clogs that can lead to extensive home damage. Luckily, Gilkey Exterior Solutions has an easy way to lessen the demands of this laborious task. Read on to discover the dangers of clogged gutters and how we can help prevent them.

Water Leaks

One of the dangers of clogged gutters is damage from water leaks. Gutters exist simply to redirect rainfall away from your home. When debris builds up and clogs your gutters, this process is halted. Instead of flowing along the gutters and through downspouts that direct water to strategic areas, water will build up along your roofline, and the overflow will pour directly over the edge of the gutter. This can create problems in multiple areas. For example, the consistent buildup of water right at the roof’s edge might affect any existing weaknesses, wearing away at the materials and possibly creating a water leak.


As water flows over the gutters, it will spill along the exterior wall. While these walls are made with materials that can resist rainfall and exposure to moisture, they aren’t one hundred percent waterproof. During a heavy rain and continuous flow of water, moisture can seep behind any siding and saturate materials in the walls. If any of these weak areas gain moisture, then your home is vulnerable to mold growth and deterioration. Mold grows in dark, damp places, which means that seepage inside walls are the perfect environment.


Another one of the dangers of clogged gutters is the risk of pests. Consistent water leaks can encourage rot and can deteriorate many materials over time. Since the buildup in your gutters also attracts pests such as bugs and rodents, these critters might infiltrate water-weakened walls and gaps in the roofline.

The Solution

Unfortunately, cleaning your gutters is still a difficult and even dangerous task. That’s why the Exterior Solutions Gutter System is the answer to preventing the dangers of a clogged gutter. This system creates a water-tight seal from the roofline down with an exclusive high-back system. Thanks to a perforated hood, water flows freely through the system while keeping dirt and debris out. This keeps water away from your home while eliminating the need to climb on a ladder to clean the gutters.

If you’re ready to stop risking water damage and a great fall with your traditional gutters, contact Gilkey Exterior Solutions today. Located in Lexington, Kentucky, and serving the Central Kentucky area, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best quality and superior service.