Whether you’re talking about new interior French doors or exterior basement sliding doors, updating any kind of door in your home is a big deal with major and lasting effects. Doors play a big part in controlling the flow of energy in a home; they provide protection and privacy and influence the style of your home both from the inside and out. Don’t underestimate the importance of your choice of new basement doors near Lexington, Kentucky, as it can affect many aspects of your daily household lifestyle.

3 Reasons Getting New Basement Doors Should Be a Priority

  1. Energy Efficiency: When it comes to your home’s overall energy efficiency, control is critical. You don’t want uncontrolled energy exchange between your home interior and the outside world, which can happen with less-insulated openings like doors and windows. If there’s a wild amount of energy exchange, the comfort of heat or air conditioning you’re paying to have inside your home is escaping, and you are subjected to more and more of Kentucky’s chaotic weather. Not only does that make for drafty, uncomfortable home environments, but it also increases the cost to counter the energy loss, and the additional energy consumption only leads to larger energy bills. Insulating doors and windows significantly block unwanted energy exchange to improve energy efficiency within your home.
  2. Upgraded Aesthetics: A door style affects home aesthetics in two ways. First, from the exterior, basement doors on a walkout home play a prominent architectural feature in the design style. From the inside, not only will the door influence the interior design style, but when using sliding glass doors in the basement, you’re also introducing lots of natural sunlight and sightlines that you may want to preserve. Natural sunlight works to brighten the spaces to make them feel more open. Natural sunlight also has an inherent warm charm that can create a more welcoming atmosphere in what would be otherwise dark basements.
  3. Improved Security & Protected Privacy: for exterior doors, one of the primary households needs they need to handle is security. Doors ensure that our homes’ entryways are secured so no uninvited guests can enter. They give us peace of mind, whether we are at home or away.

Doors also protect residents’ privacy, including blocking the view and creating areas of privacy within a home. This is achieved with solid doors or sliding doors with window treatments interrupting the line of sight and muffling sound for private and more peaceful interiors.

Interior doors can also help with home protection, though differently. Closing doors, especially to areas that aren’t often used, can help prevent fire from spreading. Closing doors is among the top 4 things you can do to avoid a house fire from spreading: Use flame retardant materials, have working smoke detectors, and place fire extinguishers strategically throughout a home.

Basement Doors near Lexington, Kentucky

Let our Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions team show you options for new basement doors that can improve security, better privacy, upgrade aesthetics, and enhance energy efficiency in your Kentucky home. Request a consultation or visit our showroom location near Lexington, Kentucky, to learn more about basement sliding doors, French doors, or fiberglass doors. Gilkey Windows & Exterior Solutions serves homeowners in and around Lexington, KY.