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Window Contractors in Lexington, KY

When replacing your windows, it’s crucial to choose a reputable window contractor. While replacing windows is a fairly straightforward process, mistakes can lead to costly air leaks and higher energy bills. Most windows come with a warranty, but the warranty can be nullified if the window wasn’t installed properly.
All homes and businesses will eventually need to replace their windows. A window contractor can help streamline the process. We can uninstall the old window, find a replacement window that appeals to your needs, fix any dry rot damage in your window frame and install the new window. We carry multiple brands and pride ourselves on being able to find the right window for you — the window that fits your budget, style and warranty needs.

What Exactly Does a Window Contractor Do?

When we come to your home, we will assess the current state of your windows and see which ones need to be replaced. When replacing the windows, if a hole isn’t currently present, we will frame an opening. We will then waterproof the framework to ensure there is no leakage during and after the installation. Next, we put the window in the frame and level it using professional tools. We then seal the outer portion of the glass and nail the window in place. Insulation is used to fill any holes and then, we strategically place the finishing frame. When we’re finished, you have a professionally installed window with an excellent warranty and energy efficiency rating.
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